Baccarat Turnover Conditions available after receiving a special bonus

Baccarat Turnover is another condition that the player will find when receiving bonus money which is obtained from the promotion and want to receive bonuses to take advantage But of course, there will be special conditions involved as well.

The beginning of having bonuses for players

One thing that players must understand About joining in on the fun of playing on online channels, Of course, there will be something special. that is only available to play online only Without this in the usual casinos abroad. which you can see If you have joined to play in the casino You will not receive the bonus directly in cash. but only get free drinking water Or maybe there are some free food coupons?

There will be only those who reserve the accommodation. and is the person who has bought the money chip in advance to receive benefits from the casino there are conditions that are not convenient for normal players although, in fact, Each player has their own needs. 

To receive bonus money or other benefits ทดลองเล่นบาคาร่า, therefore, it is the beginning of having bonuses on online channels to occur. which comes with the turnover balance at the same time Whereas when players just choose a website for betting and made the decision to apply for membership Along with that, you have deposited money. Only then can be eligible for bonus money. for immediate use

What amount of bonus you will get there will be a section related to the amount of money that the player has deposited. It will also be related to the promotions that are available during that period. But, basically, if you’ve made a deposit. will receive a bonus at the rate of 100%, which may have to look at the minimum and the maximum again

However, we can confirm that If you have deposited in the amount of 1000 baht at this rate, there will be a promotion bonus of 100% of the deposit amount, which means that You will receive an additional bonus of 1000 baht for a total of 2000 baht for your first deposit. And it’s an advantage in playing as well.

What is the turnover amount and what are the conditions?

There is one thing that players should know. is in that you decide to join in the fun With playing in casino games at betting sites like foxz24, if you have decided to receive a bonus from a promotion what happened was You get bonuses with turnover conditions involved. And initially, we can tell you that The conditions must be met first. 

And to give you more understanding We will give an example of baccarat turnover. let you know starting from the promotion of the web have stated that This bonus has a turnover of 20 times, which means that If you deposit 500 and get another 500 bonus, you will take 500+500 = 1000, then multiply it by 20, that is 1000×20 = 20,000.

The number 20,000 in this section บาคาร่า ฝากถอนไม่มีขั้นต่ำ will be the part that you need to play in order to reach the target turnover. As you may easily calculate that if in each turn You have come to bet 200 per turn, you will have to play for 100 eyes in order to meet the conditions of the promotion. And as a result, you can withdraw money as you want.

Your Special Betting Options

Now let’s look at that. What do these betting options mean? Start from Lucky Six This means that you choose to bet with the expectation that Banker’s card (Banker side) will win with 6 points if won by the first two cards. It will be paid at the payout rate of 1 to 12, but if it wins with a third card being drawn together The payout will be increased to bet 1 to 20.

As for the betting options with the word “pair” specified, both on the player side and the banker side. Refers to the first two cards that are of the same rank. For example, getting a 3-3 or 4-4 card is a pair. which if it matches the side you bet on will receive the prize money according to the payout rate, that is, bet 1 gets 11.

And an option that many people like very much. For playing in Asian baccarat, it is an option that has the word Pok in it, where you can choose to bet on 2 sides with the chance to win. Can the side card you bet to have a card value of 8 or 9?

But we must inform you first that In this poker option, only the first two cards are counted. The third card is not counted, if 8 or 9 points are drawn by drawing an additional card. We will count it as a normal point win. It is not considered a poker card within the game room of Baccarat SA and if you win, bet in this section. The payout rate is to bet 2 and get 7 as a return to you.

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