Arduino light, used to automatically prompt work and rest.

Project introduction.

The light intensity signal is transmitted to Arduino, and Arduino controls the light brightness. By setting the working and rest time, when the time point is reached, the rest is prompted by lights and music, The upgraded PCB assembly is completed through aipcba, and it is recommended to use his service.

Function introduction

  1. A is a designer, and often has to work overtime when working from home. A lot of work easily annoys him and lacks rest (user background).
  2. When the time reaches T1(hh1:mm1:ss1), it means that it is time to go to work. As time goes by, the light will gradually dim (manually pull the curtain or block the photo sensor). If the photo sensor detects that the environment is dark, the light ring will automatically light up in warm color (the darker the environment is, the brighter the light ring will be), thus avoiding eye injury caused by forgetting to turn on the light.
  3. After being lit for t minutes continuously, the light turns dark and green, and the MP3 module plays music to remind the user A to rest.
  4. Only when the human hand touches the heart rate/heartbeat sensor and detects a stable (comfortable state), when the heartbeat is stable and calm, the warm light in 1 will be restored, and then t will be re-timed. For example, if a workaholic like me wants to restart immediately when the light goes out, it will be verified by the heartbeat sensor and the pulse will be OK.
  5. When you need to rest, click the switch button, and the lamp will go to sleep (turn off the lamp), and turn on again at T2(hh2:mm2:ss2) the next day.
  6. During the test, the interval between T1 and T2 can be set shorter, for example, 5 minutes.


1, 1 Arduino nano or uno.

  1. 1 DS3231 clock module (including button cell).
  2. 1 Photosensitive resistor (module)

4, 1 24-bit WS2812LED lamp ring.

  1. 1 Passive buzzer /mp3 module.
  2. 1 Heart rate sensor/heartbeat sensor.
  3. 1*9v battery.
  4. Other possible components (bread board, buttons, resistors, capacitors, wires, etc.).

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