Analyzing The Pros and Cons of Video Advertising on Youtube (YouTube Ads)

Advertising on youtube has become a need for all business owners. In today’s digital world every business is going online to get more sales. And as competition every business owner thinks to attract more customers towards their products and they need to do more marketing. That’s why advertising on youtube is not a choice it needs.

Advertising on Youtube has many benefits but also has some disadvantages too. Everyone knows about benefits but they don’t know about disadvantages which must be known for every business owner. Keeping up with all the advertising possibilities at your disposal might be difficult, but firms today are taking YouTube extremely seriously.

Let’s check out what are those.

Pros and Cons of advertising


Join today’s worlds largest advertising opportunity platform– Youtube is one of the world’s second largest video search engine platforms with a billion of users. Youtube is also the third largest social media platform in the world. Videos have become the best part of marketing and many entrepreneurs found that youtube is the best platform to market their business with billions of users.When it comes to advertising, following the crowd is advantageous since that’s where your audience is.

Advertise to Targeted Audience– Advertising to target audience is the most effective way to get sales. When we advertise through traditional marketing there are less chances that your advertising is reaching your target audience. But when you advertise on Youtube you can target your audience and it reaches your targeted audience only. That is the huge benefit which you get from Youtube Advertising.

World of Content Marketing– Youtube Advertising takes your quality created content to the next level. As youtube is totally free and open to all over the world so your quality video content can reach all over the world. There is no bar and Advertising your video content on youtube will boost 3 times more. Video is regarded as the most engaging of all material.


Lack of control over the content that adverts display with– Many of the companies discontinued to advertising on youtube as their ads were appearing in the contents of stuff like hate speech or terrorism. This is most important when it comes to safeguarding your brand. But it’s also realistic to believe that holding all of the world’s data giants responsible will be a continuous struggle. Appearing your ads on good content is very important but it’s impossible to control from your youtube channel.

Beware of the SKIP option– On youtube your video ads can be skipped in 5 seconds so all you have to do is introduce your brand in 5 seconds or less with good quality content to attract your audience to watch your whole ad. To ensure success, you must make required adjustments to your targeting and budget. There are two options: You can either come up with a complete commercial that is shorter than 15-20 seconds long, pay for it to be unskippable, and hope that people don’t find your brand unpleasant. It’s not difficult at all.

You may lose your ads appearing by bidding– In YouTube, while advertising there is a bidding option. This is like a war with other competitors and because of this, you’ll have to compete with other bidders for certain keywords. Bidding might be expensive if the keywords are competitive. Your advertising may appear lower in search results if others place higher bids.


As per anything else, there is pros and cons when it comes to do video advertising on YouTube. But we can say that overall it is worth it, as long as you are using valid creatives and video to promote, you do correct targeting and keep track of your spendings. If done right, despite the few cons, Youtube advertising can be a goldmine for you or your business. To get started, in 2022 you don’t even need to be a tech savy: there are plenty of platforms which offer YouTube Ads services and who will set-up, manage and optimize YouTube advertising for you.

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