Alessandro Del Piero: how the Juventus legend spent his career

When talking about Italian football, the most titled club of the country is Juventus Turin, and this is not taking into account the scandals at the beginning of the 21st century. The best betting site in Bangladesh is 1xBet, and it offers betting on this team’s matches with the highest odds. Naturally, the success of this team is directly related to the huge number of stars who played here in different eras.

One of these players is Alessandro Del Piero. His first professional club was Padova from Venice. He started playing for her youth squad in 1988 and deserved to play for the base. Since 1991, Del Piero has become one of the best, played for 2 years and moved to Juventus in 1993. But the lack of opportunities to fight for titles put pressure on the ambitious player, and therefore he spent only the first two seasons there. For the next 19 years (from 1993 to 2012) he was devoted to only one club, and that club was Juventus. In the first season for the Turin team he was a rotation player, later the forward becomes an integral part of the main squad and a real idol for local fans. As the best betting site in Bangladesh, 1xBet publishes odds for the Serie A winner every season.

After the end of his work at the club, he went to the Australian Championship, where he played for two seasons, where he was considered the leader of the local Sydney club. The last team for which Alessandro Del Piero played on a professional level was the Indian Delhi Dinamos, which he moved to in 2014. Like Bangladesh, India is one of the countries where cricket bet live on website 1xBet is popular. The number of bets placed on this sport is even larger than on football. And this is given the fact that it lacks such international stars as Del Piero. The footballer has become the legend not only of Juventus but also of the Italian national team. He lacked a little to play 100 matches for the national team. As a result, he entered the field 91 times and scored 27 goals. Thanks to such players, in Bangladesh you can bet live on the 1xBet website not only on cricket but also on football.

Key awards during his career

Naturally, the very fact that the forward played for Juventus almost his entire career suggests that he was part of the team’s multiple triumphant performances. In there are bets on the matches of the Turin club, because even after the departure of such players, the team remains among the most popular clubs in Europe. The key achievements in the career of Alessandro Del Piero include:

  • he won Serie A eight times, excluding two titles that were canceled after the team was disqualified;
  • he won the Champions League (1995/96) and the UEFA Super Cup (1996);
  • he was named the best player in Italy twice in 1998 and 2008.

His excellent performance directly influenced the results of the entire team. And this is given the fact that Juventus had huge problems at that time. However, immediately after the disqualification and return to the elite of Italian football, 1xBet began to consider the Turin players as favourites for the title.

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