Advanced Bitcoin & Crypto Trading Bots

Bitcoin and crypto trading bots are a great way to increase your income. These bots can help you trade more efficiently, execute more trades per hour, and have better control of your emotions when the market is going up or down.

All About Tradewave!

One famous cryptocurrency robot that has been around since 2014 is Tradewave. Tradewave is a cloud-based bitcoin & crypto trading bot that allows users to create algorithmic strategies and test them against their portfolios while also taking into account current market data!

Their team of programmers can then take your design and implement it on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, which makes this software a potent tool for any digital asset trader.

Tradewave does not charge monthly fees, so you only have to pay once to get started with their automated bots or use some free features such as backtesting, paper trading, and real-time market alerts.

The following top-rated crypto robot has been created by Bitcoin Bravado, who is well known for claiming they build bots better than anyone else! Bitcoin Bravado has designed an algorithm that they say can outperform any other bitcoin & crypto trading bot on the market.

Their team of experts has worked in high-frequency finance, algo-trading, and digital asset management while also knowing how to code in multiple programming languages! They are confident you will not find a better-automated cryptocurrency software anywhere else, so try it out for yourself by clicking here.

This post will explore the top crypto trading bots that can boost your income!

Trading Bots:

  1. The first crypto trading bot we will look at is Haasbot. This bitcoin & crypto trading app comes in three different packages, so it can meet your needs no matter what level of experience you have with cryptocurrencies. First, off the bat, they offer a free trial for their strategies that are 100% automated if you do not want to pay anything extra.
  2. The second package is called “trade assistant,” which costs $150/month and allows users to create custom scripts or use one-click provided strategies based on technical indicators while also using market data from all exchanges worldwide!
  3. The third option is known as “pro trader,” which costs $300/month and offers everything included in the previous two options. Instead, it uses more complex algorithms created by its team of professional traders.
  4. Next up, we have the Cryptohopper crypto trading bot designed for beginners looking to quickly set up automated strategies without having to code or use too much technical knowledge. Yes, coding experience is helpful but not necessary with this particular bitcoin & crypto trading app!

CryptoHopper offers four different packages depending on your needs and can be paid monthly or annually, which gives users a discount in the long run if they decide not to cancel immediately after using trial features.

CryptoHopper also boasts an impressive customer support service, so you will never feel left out when it comes to questions about anything regarding their bitcoin & crypto trading bots!

The Gunbot!

There is nothing quite like Gunbot, which ridiculous developers created for traders who want to go all out with a potent tool. This particular bot allows users to create complex strategies through extensive customization options while also taking into account current market data within milliseconds!

You can even set up specific parameters where your plan only executes when conditions are met in real-time.

In addition, Gunbot is currently the only crypto bot that allows users to trade on multiple exchanges at once, making it one of the most potent automated cryptocurrency trading bots on the market!


In conclusion, there are multiple types of bitcoin & crypto trading bots that anyone can use to increase their profits while also saving some time by not manually trading 24/hrs per day.

You have no reason not to automate your strategies with all the options listed above, so give one a try today!

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