Aconcagua Summit Attempt

After adjusting to basecamp, we will begin hiking up to higher and higher camps, in 4-5 hour walks, and then taking rest days up there to get used to the altitude. Summit day is a longer day, perhaps 12 hour round trip, and we will bring snacks, water, warm clothes, and lots of guides to accompany us.  During summit day, we may be walking on wind-blown snow (not a glacier), but not on other days, as there is no snow lower down on the mountain.

In fact, what are the trails like? Basically, they are dirt or gravel, all of the way from the highway all of the way to the summit. Because Aconcagua is a soft dirt volcanic area, it is like a cone of gravelly dust. So in addition to having cold weather gear, you will also need a good dust mask, bandana or buff.

Worth mentioning is our use of weather forecasting tools, we are careful to suggest the days which have the best weather. One important weather factor on Aconcagua is the wind. Because Aconcagua is near the Pacific Ocean and really sticks up high above all of its neighbours, it attracts strong wind. So we will be cautiously watching the weather in order to choose the right day.

You can see the full itinerary on our website here;

Mount Aconcagua Climb | Aconcagua Expedition | Summit Climb

Speaking of our leadership, we want to mention that our guides are super friendly and very highly experienced. They are international guides, having guided all over South America and also, in North America, Europe, and the Himalayas. They know how to deal with foreign guests, enjoying guiding, and discussing lots of ideas and aspects of the mountain.

We are confident that you will find the high-level fun experience you are looking for when you join our SummitClimb Aconcagua climb. You will learn many things about how to climb a 7000 metre peak and how your body feels up at that altitude. After climbing Aconcagua, you might know better how your body can handle these altitudes, and you might even be ready to go for an 8000 metre peak like Everest, Manaslu, Gasherbrum or Broad Peak.

Why not bring your friends, family or colleagues and benefit from our amazing group discounts.

Also we pay cash commission on referrals, so even if you are not ready to join the team, tell everyone about our expeditions and we will pay you a finders fee as a thank you.

Please ask many more questions and let us know how we can help. We love to discuss high mountains like Aconcagua! SummitClimb offers Aconcagua climb right after Everest base camp trek. Similarly, we offer Everest expedition too. Everest climbing cost / Everest expedition cost differs as we offer the trips during Spring and Autumn season.

Dan Mazur,

I first tasted the high peaks at age 17, while a student at the University of Montana, climbing Gunsight Peak and the Sperry Glacier in Glacier National Park. Since then I have been climbing the highest peaks of the Himalaya for many years.  I have been leading and organizing successful and safe overland, trekking, and mountaineering expeditions for years, to Tibet, Nepal, Tadjikistan, Pakistan, India, China, Africa, and North America.
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