A Guide to What Makes a Great Designer Prom Dress

You’re about to be walking in a sea full of beautiful people in your very own prom. But before you begin the excitement of buying a designer prom dress that fits your personal style, there are certain factors you need to consider to make the best choice. A dress isn’t just something you slip on in the fitting room and then walk out the door on prom night. It’s very important that you choose wisely. If it doesn’t compliment your personality, it will more than likely bring you down and ruin your evening — you don’t want that. So, to help narrow down your choices, here’s a guide that includes what makes a great prom dress along with helpful tips.

Steer clear of trends

Avoiding trends can be difficult when you want to look your best on the big day. But it’s important to remember that clothing is made to make a statement, not just to look pretty. The general rule of thumb is this– if someone else is wearing it, don’t. And while that seems simple enough, it can be harder in reality than you think.

You don’t have to shop at a specialty prom dress store

Finding the right prom dress is a challenge even for those who take the task seriously. The pressure of the occasion and your friends are enough to make you feel like you don’t even have time to shop! The options are overwhelming—it’s hard to know which styles will look best on you, how much it will cost or what size you should be. You might be tempted to go with a store that specializes in prom dresses, but it’s actually quite easy to find a great-fitting and stylish prom dress at a mall store. You just have to ask yourself these simple questions before you leave your house: 1) Do I want something classic, modern or sexy? 2) What color does my skin tone look best in? 3) How much do I want to spend? 4) What size do I wear now? 5) Can I find a better-fitting dress in this store? 6) Is the dress safe for all dance styles (Waltz, Rumba, Tango)? 7) Are there any other special considerations for this event (the event is indoors, or outdoors in a hot climate)?

Check out prom dresses online, but keep in mind that return policies might not be lenient

Instead of spending hours scouring the racks at the mall, you can shop for designer prom dresses online.

Shopping for your Ltolto designer prom dress online is convenient because you don’t have to travel from store to store, and you can do it in your pajamas whenever you have time.

You should still go to a physical store to try on prom dresses and get one that fits well, but here are some tips on how to find the perfect dress online:

  1. Start shopping early. There’s no guarantee that if you see a dress you like it will be available in your size or even still available when you’re ready to pull the trigger on buying it.
  2. Check out the return policy before buying. Some stores don’t allow returns or exchanges on formal dresses — they could end up with a buyer who wears the dress once, then returns it. So make sure the store accepts returns so that if something happens with your order, you don’t get stuck with a dress that doesn’t fit or isn’t what you were expecting.
  3. Make sure sizing charts are accurate and reliable. It’s better to buy a little too big than too small.

Ask friends and relatives to help you with the selection process.

Whether you’re shopping for a prom, a wedding, or a more casual event, asking friends and relatives to help you with the selection process is a great way to get suggestions from people who know you well and have different tastes than you do. Take advantage of their experiences when you’re searching for your own unique style.

Let them know that you’d love their opinion on the choices you make—whether you plan to ask them in person or send them photos. They’ll appreciate being asked and will be eager to help!

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