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There are quite a few cigar shops near me, but I am looking for a tobacco shop near me that offers Habano. Do you want to know the famous smoke shop where you can order Habano cigars? Well, you have landed at the right spot.

So, what is a Habano cigar?

 In Havana’s history, few things in the world are unquestionably the best of their kind. One of them is the Habano.

Let’s explore the history.

It was in Cuba in 1492 when the Spanish pilgrimage controlled by Christopher Columbus first glimpsed tobacco in the globe. In a ceremony unknown to the discoverers, the Indians of Taino moved and ignited evasive leaves named Cohiba. From that beginning point in Cuba about 500+ years ago, tobacco was traded and also cultivated all over the planet. However, since the start of that discovery, Cuban Black Tobacco was deemed the best in the world due to the exceptional situations that individual parts of the Island have for its cultivation, a distinction that it holds without question more than five centuries after.

The element that stands out is in the tobacco and its flavor, from the coalition of four factors, only exists in Cuba due to its: soil, weather, the type of Cuban Black Tobacco, and the existence and experience of the tobacco growing and rollers. Specific Cuban skills and even Cuban seeds may have been acquired in other places, but never the essence of the Cuban soil and climate. You won’t find this gift anywhere else. So check out the cigar shops near me.

Nor will you find anything that matches Cuba’s tobacco knowledge and culture over the centuries. It is an extraordinary job that the farmers carry out with this crop. Years of wisdom and patient waiting must pass until the leaf is considered ready to make a Habano.

Another distinctive feature is the meaning of the word “Habanos.” All Habanos are Cuban, but on the other hand, not all cigar are Habanos made in Cuba.

Habanos is reserved for selecting the most prominent tobacco and cigar brands worldwide. These high-end cigar brands craft tobaccos following the most rigorous and high standards, from the traditional to the most authentic ways of harvesting tobacco leaves in certain areas and protecting the designations of origin.

Why Habano cigars are an exception

Habanos are thoroughly handmade, applying Cuban methods that were first used in Havana more than two centuries ago, which are passed down from generation to generation and have remained almost unchanged to this day.

All have to pass strict controls inaugurated by the Regulatory Council of the Protected D.O.P. (Designation of Origin) Habanos to be worthy of the special designation of being considered Habanos.

The best cigar shops near me with the best tobacco in the world

Nowhere else in the world is better tobacco grown than that of Cuba? But even here, only a few selected lands or meadows are considered suitable for growing the tobacco used to make a Habano.

Here we say: just as a good wine is represented by its vineyard, the features of a Habano are closely related to the soil where the tobacco is grown.

The ‘Selection’ principle governs each of the stages in the production process of each tobacco leaf for the Habano. It is right here where that selection begins.

Where tobacco can be expanded for making a Habano are rigorously confined to confident well-defined tobacco regions, zones, and districts of the Cuban territory. Only a tiny group of lands have their unique cultivation style in these regions.

These are the Vegas of First. These Vegas have characteristics that make them superior to the others due to their soil’s exceptional quality and microclimate and the outstanding skills developed when cultivating them.

These tobacco regions, zones, and districts are so particular that, in some instances, they are protected by Denominations of Origin (D.O.P). You will see them marked by an asterisk in the reader.

The best land in the world to grow tobacco

Vuelta Abajo is the primary source of the tobacco used in the making of Habanos. In addition, it is the sole location that yields all kinds of leaves: wrapper, gut, and binder. All the filler and binder tobacco for Long Filler Habanos arrives from this elite area. But even here, only a tiny space, less than a quarter, of the tobacco-producing land has Vegas de Primera status, a status required to grow tobacco for Habanos.

The soil and climate conditions of the western part of Cuba, particularly in the Vuelta Abajo tobacco site, are excellent.

San Luis: a small city found in the epicenter of Cuba’s tobacco culture, known mainly for cultivating wrapper leaves. As a tobacco district in the Vuelta Abajo area, it enjoys its Denomination of Origin. There are several famous plantations here: Vega El Corojo and also Cuchillas de Barbacoa. San Luis is one of the two tobacco districts that selected leaves for the Cohiba brand.

San Juan y Martinez: Another notable small city in Vuelta Abajo. It is also a Denomination of Origin. It enjoys a particular prominence for the cultivation of gut and binder leaves. Here is found the renowned farm comprehended as Hoyo de Monterrey. San Juan y Martínez is the additional tobacco section where the best plantations provide leaves for the Cohiba brand.

Most tobacco grown in the Semi Vuelta area is destined for other pursuits.

The turn-up

In Bariay, Columbus landed in the easternmost portion of this area in 1492 and found Cuban tobacco. Tobacco is still cultivated here today, although not for the production of Habanos.

Are you excited to explore the famous smoke shop and find your Habano?

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