6 things you should know about deep wave wig


Deep wave wig is a classic style among wigs for curly hair. Among all kinds of curly hair wigs, deep wave wig is favored by many women because of its wide applicability and relatively easy care. For wig newbies, deep wave wig is a good choice. It allows you to have a beautiful appearance with zero wig experience. If you are not familiar with deep wave wig, then reading this article will be a good way for you to understand deep wave wig.

1. Deep wave wig is different from wet and wavy wig

At present, the mainstream curly hair styles include deep wave style, water wave style, wet and wavy styles, etc. Some people think the appearance of deep wave wig and wet and wavy wig are very similar. But in fact, they are two completely different wigs. Deep wave wigs will be tighter than wet and wavy wigs. Wet and wavy wigs, on the other hand, have the property of curling back when exposed to water.

In general, deep wave wigs are a more practical choice than wet and wavy wigs. But if you’re more interested in fun, then wet and wavy wigs might suit you better.

2. Deep wave u part wig has requirements for the user’s hair style

U part wigs are wigs with a U-shaped opening on the forehead. This U-shaped space is reserved for wig users to display their natural hair. Through the natural fusion of natural hair and wig, the effect of increasing hair volume or extending hair length is achieved. Generally speaking, U part wig will require the user’s hair to be the same texture as the wig hair. That is, if you wear Deep wave u part wig, then your native hair should also be deep wavy styles. Otherwise, your hair will look like fully layered two-way hair.

3. It is best to use a wide-toothed comb to comb deep wave wig

From a more rigorous point of view, a deep wave wig is a small curly wig. A wig with small curls means that its curls are easily damaged and frizz is more likely to occur. When you’re combing deep wave wigs, it’s best to use a wide-tooth comb. A fine-toothed comb will unravel the curl of the deep wave wig, causing the curl to be destroyed. A wide-toothed comb will protect the curl of the deep wave wig while detangling.

4. After the curl of the deep wave wig is damaged, it can be repaired with elastin

If you find your deep wave wig curls become loose and messy after using it for a while, don’t worry. This is a normal phenomenon. When this happens to your deep wave wig, all you need to do is use some elastin to bring it back into curl. The specific approach is:

  1. Wash the wig with a conditioning shampoo
  2. Carefully apply elastin while the deep wave wig is still wet, and let it sit for a while
  3. Use water to carefully remove excess elastin
  4. Put it in a cool place to dry naturally. Note that it is best not to use a hair dryer when air-drying.

5. Human hair deep wave wig is more durable than synthetic deep wave wig

Deep wave wig itself is a wig that is harder to maintain and has a shorter lifespan than straight wigs. This is because curly hair makes the wig more prone to knots and frays. If the deep wave wig you buy uses synthetic hair as a raw material, this phenomenon will be more obvious and frequent. Due to the structure and material of chemical fiber hair, it cannot be maintained with any product. Therefore, once it is damaged, it is difficult to restore it to a usable state. Conversely, the human hair deep wave wig has scales to help it fight fraying and folds. What’s even better is that the conditioner effectively re-softens the deep wave wig. This is why human hair deep wav wigs have a longer lifespan than synthetic deep wave wigs.

6. Deep wave wig needs regular cleaning and maintenance

Deep wave wigs require regular cleaning and maintenance. On the one hand, taking the wig off and washing it regularly can give your scalp and natural hair a break. Washing your natural hair at this time is good for your personal hygiene. This will make your scalp and hair healthier. On the other hand, regular cleaning and maintenance of deep wave wig can effectively extend its service life. Generally speaking, you need to wash and maintain the deep wave wig once a week. But if you exercise and sweat a lot, then when you feel your scalp is itchy, you should do a wash and maintenance.

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