5 zodiac signs that are foodies

Eating could be just a thing of survival for some but for the rest, it is something that gives them comfort after a tiring day or simply pulls them out of a very bad heartbreak. Honestly, apart from finding the solution to your problem in a Kundli report, a problem can also be fixed by simply bringing a big tub of mint and chocolate ice cream.

Now if you are a foodie yourself, you know the pros and cons of being a foodie. But then, ever wondered why others don’t see the pros? Aka, why do you like to eat more than your friends? Or why is it so hard for you to stick to a diet when it is a piece of cake (pun intended) for your best friend?

Well, you simply should stop blaming yourself, as astrology and even your online Kundli has a role to play in making you a foodie. Means, some people are born with characteristics that make them foodies and some are not. So, using astrology or zodiac signs, you can simply analyse whether your crush likes food just as much as you do?

Zodiac signs are a very good means to study one’s personality as they are ruled by the stars. Stars have a big influence on our personality and behaviour. Let’s look at the top 5 zodiac signs that are die-hard fans of food.


A Taurean loves food just as much as they find comfort in other finer things in life. But that doesn’t imply that they will eat everything that is being served because they can be extremely picky when it comes to their meals. A delicious dish will bring them the utmost joy that nothing else can, but will be equally disappointed when that dish doesn’t live up to their expectation.


When it comes to food, Aries can be quite adventurous and will try every exotic food that they get the chance to eat, even those that might repulse others. They usually have a hearty appetite and will eat 4 to 5 times a day, and not the usual 3 meals a day. But they can be somewhat sensitive if they have to eat the same thing repeatedly, as they hate all things boring.


Being the socially active air sign, Libras love to explore and experiment. And the same applies to food. They love to splurge when it comes to food and will enjoy a high-quality gourmet dish every once in a while. They are also impulsive eaters and will eat whenever they want no matter the situation. Because of this, Libras are more prone to gaining weight than others.


Virgos can be called the encyclopaedias of restaurants in your town, as they have all the tea. They know which restaurant serves the best food and which has the best service. Virgos can be extremely attentive when they visit a new restaurant, as they will have their eyes open for every aspect, be it the quality of the food or how fast the food is being served. Virgos are the ultimate foodies, but they enjoy the experience just as much as they enjoy the dish.


Pisces people love food just as much as the others, says their Kundli report, but they are more comfort eaters rather than impulsive ones, as they are the ones who will turn toward food after hearing a piece of bad news and will eat their sorrow away. Pisceans, unlike the other four, love junk food more than the gourmet ones, as those are the ones that, let’s be honest, bring the most comfort, even if they are the unhealthier option.

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