5 Science and Tech Gift Ideas for Teens That They’re Bound To Love

Choosing presents for teenagers can be tough. Their interests and tastes are likely to rapidly shift as their mindsets develop and new trends emerge. But if they’ve retained a natural curiosity and a desire to learn, the world of science and technology could offer plenty of inspiration.

Going down the educational route could offer long-term rewards too. There is a huge drive to get young people into technology right now, with the UK facing a serious digital skills shortage that could hamper its economic recovery.

So what items could help inspire the workforce of tomorrow? Check out five fun gift ideas for young techies and scientists below.

A telescope

Could you be buying a present for a budding astrologist? If your recipient is fascinated with space or even harbours dreams of becoming an astronaut, a telescope could be the perfect choice. Commercial space travel is no longer a distant dream, after all!

A spot of skywatching could showcase stars, the moon and various other planets if they look hard enough at the right time of night.

A microscope

If your teen is more interested in inspecting the world around them than outer space, a microscope could be the better option. Professional microscopes can reveal incredible details of leaves, insects, food and more.

A top-of-the-range professional microscope could set you back thousands of pounds, but there are plenty of mid-priced options that still function superbly.

A Raspberry Pi

Coding and programming are among the most in-demand job skills in the UK right now, and a nifty Raspberry Pi minicomputer kit could inspire your teenager to get in on the action.

Teens can use these devices to create a range of fun computing projects and learn new programming languages at the same time.

A film camera

Getting to grips with a film camera forces the user to combine creativity with scientific knowledge of exposures. They also have a retro appeal that’s very much in right now, so they could even be classed as cool!

Film cameras can still be bought new, or you could search the second-hand market for a cheaper option.

A radio kit

You might not share the same taste in radio stations, but an AM/FM radio kit is a great way to introduce your teenager to electronics, soldering and radio frequency concepts.

Brands such as Elenco have produced educational kits for years now that are ideal for beginners with limited electronics knowledge.

Could any of these gift ideas be ideal for your teen’s next birthday or Christmas stocking?

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