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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Amazon PPC Agency

Why waste your time and effort trying to craft the perfect Amazon PPC campaign when you can simply outsource to a reliable agency? Check out the benefits of hiring one right below!

Nowadays, looking for an Amazon PPC agency to take care of your store’s marketing strategies is no stranger to Amazon retailers.

Some businesses are inexperienced in the field and want the job to be done by professionals. Others are caught up in other aspects and do not have enough resources to personally take care of their PPC campaigns.

Whatever the reasons are, these specialized companies promise to deliver tangible results to those in need.

But sometimes, many retailers are still hesitant about this practice. If you fail to see why such an agency might be useful, keep reading to find out!

5 Benefits Of Hiring An Amazon PPC Agency

1. An agency has more tricks up its sleeves

Outsourcing the work to an agency does not mean your marketing team is not efficient. But in most cases, their expertise is slightly different from yours. An agency focusing on Amazon ad-running services tends to have more than just textbook knowledge.

There are tips passed around in the industry that may boost your ad’s performances, find loopholes in regulations, and keep the results sustainable instead of a one-time thing.

If your company has not spent much time digging through Amazon, it might be difficult to collect these tidbits.

This is when an agency comes into the picture and offers its assistance. Imagine the competitive edge you have over your competitors now that you have access to some valuable insights into the marketplace! Besides this, joining an amazon fba course can also be a great consideration for all the beginners who want to take their amazon business to a higher level in a short span of time

2. An agency catches up with any changes on the platform

Like any other e-commerce website, Amazon is notorious for its strict requirements and regulations surrounding selling activities. But these rules are relatively fickle.

Due to their instability, businesses can have a hard time keeping track of what is still applicable and what has already been outdated. If you make a wrong move, Amazon may punish your business based on one single violation.

At best, your organic ranking on the search result page will be lowered. At worst, you run the risk of getting suspended from the platform altogether. But with so many adjustments – many of them are written in vague, confusing language – how are you supposed to figure it out?

Worry not, as an agency is well-equipped to handle this challenge. Any reputable firm would have special connections and get ahead of when and how regulations are altered.

Furthermore, there is always a research team whose job is to monitor how Amazon exerts its authority on aspiring sellers. By being aware of what to do and what not to do, an Amazon PPC specialist will help guide your business out of any murky decision and ensure you adhere to the guidelines.

3. An agency spares you time and effort

Despite the desire to deal with your store’s marketing tactics on your own, you have to admit that there is more to a brand than ad placements. You need to worry about the inventory, the catalog, the pricing, the storage and delivery, etc.

It is not practical to pour all your energy into running a PPC campaign with so many responsibilities. Even when you manage to do so, chances are you cannot achieve top performance in all aspects and only acquire something mediocre in return. After all, who can be an expert in everything?

In this situation, why not ask an agency for a hand? Most of the marketing tasks can be done within days, depending on how you negotiate with your partner. Rest assured that once your ad campaigns are in good hands, you will be much more comfortable catering to other sides of your business.

4. An agency makes your investment worthwhile

For any PPC campaign to be successful, you have to put in a certain amount of money. If you plan, execute, and monitor it perfectly, you may get more than you spend in the first place.

But unfortunately, many Amazon sellers are not that adept when it comes to ads. Without proper experience, their ads suffer from a low clickthrough rate, only a few conversions here and then, and results in a depressing ACoS.

In this case, the profit margin is too narrow to make any difference. Sometimes, their ad sales are even smaller than the ad spend, creating a budget deficit.

But when you let an agency authorize the campaign, things are more likely to turn out fine. This is because agencies have years of training – with both theoretical and practical knowledge – that maximizes the success rate of your ads. Therefore, the money invested initially stands a higher chance of balancing itself out.

5. An agency boosts the effectiveness of your campaign

As mentioned above, an agency tends to have a better understanding of the best things to do for your PPC campaign. They can easily optimize your ad copy and visual assistance, come up with compelling messages and design appealing promotions to attract more buyers.

Anything from conducting keyword research to analyzing the competitors will be done meticulously to make sure everything falls into place. Due to their abilities, you can enjoy a palpable outcome as soon as possible. No more worries about whether your ads target the right audience, or if the ad type is compatible with the business goals.

All you have to do is to sit back and enjoy the way your freelancers double down on your store’s performance.


Now that you know why having an Amazon agency is highly recommended, you might want to find one of your own. Have no idea where to turn to yet?

Let’s visit, a trustworthy firm specializing in Amazon PPC ads, and provide customized solutions for each customer. Name what your business wishes to do, and Olifant will take care of the rest!

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