5 Reasons Why Organic Green Tea is Good for Athletes

Green tea is one of the beverages with a worldwide consumption, as a drink for social occasions and breakfast. The origin of green tea can be traced back to China, during the reign of Emperor Shen Nuang Circa, 2000 years ago. In addition, good tea with good ware. Drinking green tea with beloved kung fu teaware not only makes you remember to drink tea but also makes drinking tea more ritualistic and fun.

While most people consume tea as a beverage, it has recently found a place in the nutritional supplements market. This is after several studies confirmed its effects on better health. This article is about why athletes should consider adding organic green tea to their diet.

Improves Digestion

Digestion is an important thing for any athlete as it directly affects their performance. Since poor digestion leads to poor absorption of nutrients, an athlete with a digestion problem may lack the energy required to perform well. Luckily, drinking green tea can help you speed up your digestion process and solve common digestive issues. It is believed that green tea improves digestion by delivering vitamins B, C and E, which are crucial for the functioning of our bodies. Additionally, green tea has antioxidants that promote the efficient functioning of the cells involved in digestion.

Helps in Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight

According to a 2013 study on effects of green tea extract on fat oxidation at rest and during exercise, green tea showed tremendous benefits in reduction of body fat in both non-athletes and athletes.

According to the study, the combination of Catechins found in green tea and caffeine leads to a “Thermogenic Effect”, boosting the body’s ability to burn calories during rest and improving fat oxidation rate. Therefore, it is evident that drinking green tea can help athletes maintain healthy body weight.

Improves strength

Whether in the form of tea bags or loose leaf tea, the consumption of green tea will help your body metabolize fats, providing you with high amounts of strength, which is needed during high-intensity workouts. Such energy is also crucial during endurance races such as marathons.


Due to its high antioxidant amounts, green tea is also an excellent drink to aid in recovery after workouts. The antioxidants help reduce cells’ damage; a problem associated with intense training. This is because athletes who drink green tea have a higher amount of glutathione, the protein responsible for protecting our bodies from oxidative damage.

Additionally, green tea will make you smarter, thanks to its neuro-stimulating effect. This is because the tea contains L-Theanine, an amino acid responsible for the rise of alpha brain waves. It is believed that the polyphenols in it help in mental processes such as learning and memory. Also, green tea helps eliminate the free radicals generated during intense exercise and then cause brain cell destruction, thanks to its powerful antioxidants.

The four psychoactive substances present in green tea (Theobromine, L-Theamine, Caffeine and Theophylline) will also stimulate the central nervous system to increase mental focus during sports activities. Apart from stimulating the central nervous system, Theobromine will stimulate the heart and improve blood flow in all body parts, including the brain.

Improves Reaction Time

Reaction time and alertness play a considerable role in athletics as it can make you win or lose. Due to its caffeine content and some unique phytonutrients, green tea provides the mental stimulation that keeps you alert. Unlike coffee, green tea has low amounts of caffeine, meaning it acts as a mild stimulant that does not over-stimulate to the point of anxiety. The caffeine, combined with phytonutrients, will also increase adrenaline, reduce fatigue and trigger fat metabolism.

Final Word

From the above points, it is clear that drinking green tea can help you improve your performance as an athlete. However, you should ensure that you have purchased organic tea to avoid the side effects of tea grown with too many synthetic inputs. Thanks to its popularity, green tea is now readily available worldwide. You can buy it at a local shop or an online tea and coffee shop like Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company.

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