5 Important Things About To know Before Buy A Foldable Mobile In 2022

The main highlight of the foldable mobile phone is the large display screen is hidden by folding. Make the device, when folded, compact and easy to carry as the benefits of a larger mobile phone screen can be used more vividly than watching videos, and playing games. Plus, in many models, there are also features to share. Also we can use the screen with many apps at the same time.

In addition, in the use of cameras for, some models with a second screen next to the rear camera lens. It will make it possible to take selfies with the rear camera. Which, of course, will get a more apparent resolution than the front camera lens

However, it has to be exchanged for a device price twice as expensive as a general mobile phone. Because foldable screen technology is more costly, many models have more than one screen. In terms of durability, many people might be excited whether the hinge area, when used for a long time, will cause problems or not. It all depends on how strong the model developed is.

So let’s know what we have to see before buying a foldable mobile. (

1. Choose the Smartphone that suits your Needs

As we know, smartphones with folding screen designs have high prices. The specification support and the features it has are excellent and sophisticated. Most of these folding screen phones support advanced features such as 5G connectivity and impressive camera capabilities to support a capable and reliable performance side.

When choosing a smartphone, one thing to consider is to make sure you choose a smartphone that suits your individual needs. You can choose a smartphone with qualified photography skills if you like capturing important moments. But if you need a smartphone that supports your high mobility, you can choose one of the folding smartphones we recommend.

2. Design and Function

This is a subjective thing when we choose a smartphone and a crucial thing. Some people like the box design, and some like the curve. Some like smartphones made of aluminum, and some prefer ones made of polycarbonate. All have advantages and disadvantages of each.

Ensure whether you need dual-SIM, micro-SD slot, NFC, or other features. For example, if you need dual-SIM with micro-SD simultaneously, don’t buy a smartphone that only provides a hybrid slot; look for one that does provide both slots. (

3. Check the specifications and features

When we looking for an new smartphone, keep in mind that the specifications of the Android smartphone vary greatly. The support for the specifications is exceptional for premium-class smartphone, and there is no doubt, starting from a sharp camera, long battery life to various advanced features to support various multitasking activities, streaming to playing games.

If you have more budget, it’s not difficult to get your dream smartphone. Still, if you have limited budget, you need to be more careful in choosing a smartphone that comes with support for reliable specifications and features but still has an affordable price.

4. Mobile Phone Brand

I think we all know about types of android smartphones circulating in the world, such as Oppo, Smartfreen Andromax, Lenovo, Asus, Xiaomi, Acer, Samsung, HTC, and other Android smartphones. You should choose a smartphone that you like and fit into your pocket. Select a mobile that suits your needs, not so cheap and not so expensive.

Humans want to choose the best smartphone with reliable and fast features. But it can happen damage at other times and days. Smartphones can indeed be called smartphones, but smartphones are not intelligent products without users. So if it is reversed, we are the smart ones, not the smartphone. My advice, choose an android smartphone or tablet that suits our daily needs.

In addition, the price of a smartphone should also be considered so that you do not run out of money just by buying a smartphone. (

5. Prices that fit the budget

One thing to consider when you choose the latest smartphone is to make sure your budget is adequate —there is no need to force yourself for a smartphone with premium features if you have limited budget. You don’t need to worry because currently, many latest mid-range smartphones have good quality and exclusive features that you can try with a cheaper budget.

In the end, buying something based on needs is a wise thing, including deciding to buy a smartphone. So, be wise in choosing a smartphone.

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