5 Important Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is a machine used for tidying up the garden. This is made possible through it’s very sharp and hard iron plates which easily mow the unwanted plants and grass. Lawn mowers can be manual or automatic.


Lawn mowers are of high importance in matters of cleanliness. This is because many people use them to keep their surroundings clean. When grass and other plants grow to unwanted lengths, it can be very unhygienic and dangerous too. This is because reptiles like snakes and other unwelcome animals may hide themselves here and later cause harm to the inhabitants of that compound. It is therefore advisable for one to have a lawn mower so that he or she can avoid this. However, before purchasing a lawn mower, you should take the following factors into consideration:

Manual or automatic

You should choose which one works well for you. If you want to be doing some exercise while working at the same time, the manual lawn mower is very good for this as it requires you to push it around. If on the other hand you require a machine to help you without much struggle,  you should go for the automatic as the only thing required is just helping it with the directions.

Cutting width

The cutting width required is determined by the size of your garden. Large, medium, or small gardens require different cutting widths. A large garden may require a cutting width of 46cm+, a medium garden may roughly require a  35cm-40cm cutting width, a small garden may require a cutting width of around 30cm.

Cutting height

Seasons are very important when considering what type of a lawn mower for sale in Kenya you need for your garden. You should be able to know what times of the year the unwanted grass and plants are at their maximum height and also when they are at their minimum heights. You should therefore purchase a lawn mower that is able to serve well during these varying times.

The unwanted plants and grass collection box

This is another important factor you should consider when purchasing a lawn mower. Compare different lawn mower prices in Kenya. Lawn mowers with smaller collection boxes require emptying from time to time which may be tiresome. You should therefore consider buying one with a larger collection box or one that does not require emptying but recycles the cut grass and plants.

The cable length

This should be taken into consideration as it determines how far you can go from the power cord. The longer the cable, the far you will go and the larger the size of the garden you will tend to. However, it is possible to buy a lawn mower with a shorter cable and make it longer by adding another different extension cable.


As the saying goes, ‘’prevention is better than cure’’, you should not wait for your garden to get dirty until it reaches a point where unwanted animals and bad odour are the order of the day. Make a decision today and buy a lawn mower of your choice from the various outlets countrywide.

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