5 Easy DIY Nicotine Vape Juice Everyone Can Do At Home  

When you vape regularly, you will realize that you will always be spending money on e-liquid, or e-juice, which is necessary to refill the vaping pen. Some people who use these nicotine products may be having incredible ideas about flavors that have never been tried before. It generally makes sense that you learn DIY nicotine vape juice flavors and start making yours.

Depending on how much specific knowledge that you have about mixing your nicotine, the results can be fun or frustrating. You may have tried it and failed, or even succeeded. If you know about the best nicotine vape juice recipe, you can follow the simple instructions that are provided. By traversing the world of the DIY nicotine vape juice market, you will enjoy yourself, and might also save you valuable cash in the end.

Getting started with nicotine DIY vape juice

Before you get started with DIY vape juice, you should have the proper tools that you will need to do the mixing. You will also need the right ingredients. You should know that high-quality ingredients make a huge difference especially concerning the final quality of the nicotine vaping product that you will get. The chemistry which is involved in mixing your vape juice is simple, and there is nothing which you will have to blow up. However, you must put in place the right safety measures.

Mixing your vape might be easier than you thought

You may wonder how to make e-juice. The reality is that it doesn’t require you to have been to a chemistry class to make your preferred nicotine. But remember that the result could be anything from a liquid that you will never want to taste, to the best taste that you have never experienced before and anything between.

5 easy DIY nicotine vape juice that anyone can make at home

1. Whimsical Milky Chocolate E-Juice Recipe

To prepare this e-juice recipe, you will need 16 ml of 70/20 VG and 5 ml of PG blend, diluted nicotine that matches your desired strength, 5ml coconut milk flavoring, and chocolate roll flavoring.3ml of distilled water or vodka will be necessary.

2. Minty Paradise E-Juice Recipe

To get 30 ml of excellent, cool flavor, you need a 50/50 VG PG blend, 3ml of peppermint flavoring, and 1ml of menthol flavoring. You will also need 5 ml of honeydew flavoring.

3. Thai Coconut Ice Cream 

This is among the simplest recipes that combine three ingredients to offer a 6.25% flavoring. It adopts the less is more profile and uses ingredients that include coconut FA, caramel FA, and vanilla bean ice cream.

4. Leche De Coco (Coconut Milk) 

This is an amazingly smooth coconut recipe that uses 6 percent flavoring. Let this number fool you, is richer than you would think. There is no need why you should go for a higher percentage yet you can get better results at lower percentages. This recipe used Bavarian cream, cheesecake (graham crust), sweet coconut, coconut FA, and cream fresh. Others are cream fresh and meringue.

5. Boss Reserve Clone 

This is a smooth all-day vape that is obtained by using 4.5 percent of flavoring.  It uses Acetyl Pyrazine 5%, Super Sweet – CAP, Milk & Honey – FLV, Banana Cream – TPA, and Biscuit – INW.

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