4 unique cities to visit in Europe

Are you visiting Europe any time soon? Great! There are a lot of beautiful places in Europe. Of course the famous places like London, Paris and Barcelona are great visits, but we’d like to introduce you to four cities in Europe that are worth visiting, that might not immediately be on your radar. We’re hoping to inspire you for your next trip!

1. Prague

Czech Republic certainly isn’t the first country you think of when you’re thinking about your Europe trip, but while you’re there, you can’t miss out on this beautiful city. Prague city centre is an official part of the UNESCO Heritage list, which only shows the beauty. There’s a lot to see and to do in Pragues city centre: take a walk on the Charles Bridge and enjoy the view on the city, or try to find out the time on the astronomical clock! We recommend visiting Prague during winter, as the city is truly sparkling this time of the year.

2. Monaco

When you think of Monaco, your first thought will probably immediately be related to casinos. However, this city has a lot more to offer, as it’ll make your grand holiday feel truly special. Of course, visiting a casino is an option, but why not visit the royal palace, the port or drive around in an expensive sports car for a day? To make this last activity feel truly special: while driving through Monaco, you’re driving on a Formula 1 circuit, as this takes place every year through the city centre of Monaco.

3. Porto

Are you looking for a fun, warm and student-based city? Porto is a perfect fit for you! This city is split up in two by the Ribeira, which is surrounded by beautiful boulevards that make for a great walk. If you want to cross the Ribeira, we suggest taking a walk over one of Porto’s many bridges: these bridges are a great piece of architecture themselves, but also show a unique view as you’re able to see both sides of the city. If you want to visit Porto, we suggest taking some good shoes with you, as you’ll have a lot of climbing to do. However, this is absolutely worth it!

4. Ålesund

If none of the cities above do it for you, you might want to go to something completely different. Ålesund offers you just this! This Norwegian city offers a lot of great nature, combined with a beautiful old city centre. While visiting Ålesund, you can climb Mount Aksla and enjoy the view over this beautiful city, or take a boat cruise to see some incredible fjords. Just like Prague, we suggest visitingÅlesundduring winter, as you’re able to see the Northern Lights from here: a beautiful sight that everyone has to have seen at least once in their life.

What city will you go to?

Did we inspire you, or have you found a city that’s not on our list? Both ways, we hope you have a great vacation in Europe. Enjoy it!

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