4 Unique and Authentic Patek Philippe Men and Women Series

Even before the invention of watches in the mid-1200s, fashion has never been different. Particularly for the people in England and Italy who have never stopped making history for wristwatches. The Patek Philippe Company started its journey in 1839, founded by Antoine Norbert de Patek and Françoir Czapek. One of the most famous, luxurious, and unique wrist watch designs mankind ever created.

Patek Philippe comes up with its original series and designs that will surely change how you see beauty. With these new magnificent and indulgent men and women watch series, time will never be the same again. So, if you are looking for boldness and a feeling of self-assurance, here are some Patek Philippe series that will lift your soul.

Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Diamond Blue Sunburst Dial

With its unique series, Patek Philippe Watches Diamond Blue Sunburst Dial combines a touch of modern and classic designs with stainless steel round buckles. Perfect for ladies who are delicately mysterious and elegant. Additionally, it features the plane base of a diamond blue rectangular shape that has added subtlety to the unique geometrical color combination.

One unique feature about this is its embedded six diamonds around the dial, Caliber E15, with classic Arabic numerals & Indexes. In addition, its adorable diameter of 25.1 by 30 mm, and a 30 m water resistance made its way for the most reliable elegance.

Calatrava Series White Dial Ladies Watch

Here is another Ladies indulgence with a combination of hefty and subtle features that made this one of a kind. With its leaf-shaped hands, reddish touch, and rose gold material used to create an uncanny complexion. It is also made of a classic round shape structure with a diameter of 33mm: Patek Philippe Calibre 215 PS and skeletal back feature for sturdy manifestation.

Additionally, what makes it more extravagant is its alligator leather round buckle with versatile color complexion and toning. Specially made for women with different skin tone complexions, White Dial blends its pale white dominant color for more versatile and adaptive characteristics. Aside from its extraordinary beauty, it is also resistant to high pressure up to 30m and has a long-lasting reserve for 44 hours.

Calatrava Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch

For sure, men are the fondest and fairly more attractive when it comes to wristwatches. Undeniably, men’s watches are highly appreciated for their masculinity and substantial effect on fashion. With the top of the line Calatrava series for men, the 5227G-010 with bordering white gold material and a solid back. One thing that makes it uniquely fashionable is its dauphine hands and alligator leather round buckle.

Classic design for automatic yet distinguished art of time on your wrist comes with a 45-hour reserve. With 29 jewels and 27mm in diameter, it is perfect for staring at your time while enjoying the moment of luxury. We all know we love the charming effect of black. That is why Patek Philippe released Calatrava Automatic Black Dial specified just for you.

Nautilus Brown Dial Men’s Watch

Here is another perfect series of Patek Philippe the Nautilus Brown Dial, a classic analog watch with wooden brown color to maintain aestheticism. It is crafted delicately with a classic rose-gold finish, supplemented by modern polish design for a more high-class, dashing effect. It also comes with stick-thin hands and dotted indexes designed for minimalistic artistry.

On top of all of that, a cushion-shaped embodiment with 40mm in diameter and 27mm in movement diameter. It also comes with 29 jewels and 324 S C Calibre Nautilus series that never made too far among other Patek Philippe series. Furthermore, Nautilus Brown Dial is sensational because of its complete hours, minutes, and seconds indicators for those who love enjoying every second. With a 45-hour reserve, you will never miss any moment of your life, ensuring that you can count on this.


Although there are hundreds of wristwatches out there, Patek Philippe is a one-in-a-million luxurious design specifically intended for those with great taste in fashion. But, aside from its luxury design, this series will also assure that you will never be apart from reality and classic art pieces.

The Patek Philippe series made its way to proving that beauty is not always what’s new but what you can do to make it stand out. With aesthetic, authentic, modern, and classic designs, you will be in both eras at the same time. Additionally, Patek Philippe promotes distinctive designs that hold an authentic and glamorous sense of fashion for those who want to possess prosperous life to the fullest.

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