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4 Tricks to  Open Password Encrypted PDF Files with GogoPDF

PDF documents are sometimes password-protected to protect information and the user’s privacy. The primary goal is to decrease the number of unauthorized online accesses. Only those with the correct password can open the target PDF file. However, when the password is complicated, you will be unable to view the password-protected PDF document.

In such cases, removing the password is the only way to access the file’s contents. Once you unlock the file, it is easy to lock it with a new security key and save it somewhere safe. Fortunately, a reliable PDF tool is available to resolve this issue. With GogoPDF, you can easily remove a password from a PDF file in just the following four simple steps.

Two Different Types of PDF Passwords

On a single PDF, you can create two different password types. The reason for this is to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Two examples are owner passwords and open passwords. They differ in the way they gain access to your portable document. You can set an owner password for a PDF to restrict others from copying, printing, or altering it.

On the other hand, an open password prevents others from seeing or opening PDFs. As previously said, various applications exist to extract passwords from PDFs, but not all of them are created equal. For example, some programs specialize in cracking user passwords to unlock PDF online, while others specialize in eliminating owner passwords.

How to Crack PDF Passwords via GogoPDF

GogoPDF is a professional web browser tool that can remove user-based PDF passwords automatically. It is compatible with all devices and operating systems and does not require the installation of any extensions. You can securely delete the PDF password online using Windows, iOS, or Android without experiencing any difficulties.

Furthermore, GogoPDF makes deleting PDF passwords a straightforward process. Because the website’s user interface is so simple, you can unlock any PDF file without specific instructions. Follow the four steps outlined below to start decrypting a PDF file:

  1. Navigate to GogoPDF’s Unlock PDF tool column in your web browser. To open a new browser window, tap “Select a File.” Next, browse to the folder on your file storage to find the password-protected you want to unlock and open it. Then click the “Open” button after selecting and highlighting the filename of the locked PDF document.
  2. Because the file is password-protected, GogoPDF will ask you for the password before allowing you to view any of the information. Enter your password into the toolbox column and hit Enter. After that, the site will begin deleting the password and decrypting your document in general.
  3. Waiting for the decrypting process to complete will take some time, depending on the stability of your internet service. For example, if you submitted a large PDF file, the entire course would take a minute or more to finish.
  4. Finally, you can now store your PDF file as a new document with a different name to avoid confusing the password-protected version. This step also allows you to specify a new location for your now-unprotected SodaPDF, such as a downloads folder or an iCloud folder, for future access.

Is GogoPDF Safe to Use?

Absolutely. GogoPDF employs a highly secure connection to transfer files for all of the tools. The site utilizes SSL encryption to ensure that your PDF information is always safe while using the services. In addition, it guarantees that anyone who tries to download or view the data will not be able to access it. GogoPDF will also remove the data an hour after processing. They are only available for a limited time to give you enough period to save your files.

Is it Possible to Re-Lock the PDF?

Yes, it is correct. You can use the Protect PDF feature to safeguard a password-protected PDF file by uploading it again and having GogoPDF encrypt it with a strong password. The website does not keep or save your selected password since it values the privacy of digital users. However, because the GogoPDF Protect PDF program encrypts your files so thoroughly, make a note of your new password. You can use some tools to sign a PDF online, including CocoSign.


When you need someone to view the content of a PDF file, this tip of deleting the password from the file comes in handy. GogoPDF is, without a doubt, the most straightforward solution for every user. You can now open a password-protected PDF after following the procedures. You may use GogoPDF PDF password remover to fix all of your security and speed difficulties.

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