3 Days Itinerary to Barcelona – An Ideal Barcelona Itinerary

There are countries in the world that have very busy and polluted cities. Although those countries top the list for their tourist attractions and wonderful natural sceneries, their cities are hardly visited by any tourist as no beauty is associated with them. However, this isn’t the case with the cities of Spain. Spanish cities are known as the most beautiful cities in the world. They not only have great parks and beaches to attract tourists but they are also known for their unique architecture. Barcelona is the cultural capital of Spain. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and one of the best tourist spots in the Kingdom of Spain. The largest city of Catalonia is naturally and historically blessed with amazing parks, landmarks, and buildings that amaze everyone.

Barcelona – A city of wonders

This place has some great modern wonders of the world that make it a perfect place for you to plan your family vacation there. Some of the famous landmarks include Camp Nou, Barcelona Cathedral, Sagrada Familia, and much more. So, for this reason, we recommend you plan a trip to Barcelona, Spain with your family, friends or loved ones, and to make your trip more convenient, do it with the help of a travel agency UK. With their guidance, you can also wander there alone as it is the perfect place for sole travelers as well.

So, in order to help all our readers, plan an ideal Barcelona 3 days Itinerary, we have made our research by taking some advice from some renowned travel agents and experts, and come up with a plan that includes some great places in Barcelona. So, follow this plan and enjoy your Barcelona trip.

3 Days itinerary of Barcelona

Before starting your journey to Barcelona, we recommend you book your flight ticket, accommodation, and transportation in advance. In this way, you can enjoy a relaxing flight without any worries about anything. You can also avail of the discount package on your flight to Barcelona as there are always some discount codes to redeem and promotional packages to avail of. On my last trip to the capital city of Bangladesh, I was able to book cheap flights to Dhaka from the platform of a renowned travel agency. So, if I can find a cheap way to travel, why can’t you.

Day 1

You can either choose to fly in at night, after finishing off your day at your hometown, or fly early in the morning. In any way, always check in your hotel and refresh yourself after sorting out your luggage. Afterward, pack your daypacks for your complete day and start your day 1 in this beautiful city.

Take a taxi to Sagrada Familia and we guarantee your first impression of this magnificent building will simply be jaw opening. This ancient cathedral is massive, so big that it is still incomplete. Construction began in 1882, and the work on this Roman Catholic structure is still in progress. Remember to buy the ticket in advance, as there are always long queues waiting to get it. And we don’t want you to waste your whole day just to get its tickets.

Your next stop will be the vicinity in which Gaudi’s Casa Mila (La Pedrera), Casa Batllo on Passeig De Gracia, Champ Elysees, and Arc De Triomf are located. These buildings are designed with unique architecture. So, admire the architecture, take a few snaps and move on to La Rambla. Here you can take an evening Tapas Tour. If there is some time left, we recommend you to have a relaxing walk by the beach.

Day 2

Start your day 2 by having a delightful breakfast at any renowned eatery. We recommend you to eat some traditional dishes, as there are plenty to try and all are quite tasty. Take a bus or a taxi to Olympic Park in Barcelona. This city was the host of the 1992 Olympic Games, and Olympic Park was the place where hundreds of records were set. The stadium is the home ground of the Catalonia National Football Team, and also hosts other fixtures of the Spanish National Football Team. You can also find some great swimming pools in the park, so we recommend you to pack a swimming suit so that you can go for a swim where once great Olympians swam.

Swimming and other sightseeing can take some time, so we assume that it is probably the evening time on your trip. We recommend you to grab your late lunch from the food market of Barcelona. This place has some great food items that are sold at the most reasonable prices. Afterward, try to mix yourself into this city’s nightlife. There are some amazing DJ clubs, discos, and pubs where you can spend some time enjoying and absorbing what this city has shown you.

Day 3

Day 3 will be your final day in this city, so try to manage your time and keep a check on the clock, so you know when is the time to check out and leave for the airport.

Start your day 3 early so that you can visit maximum landmarks and sights. We recommend you to start your day by visiting the home ground of one of the best football clubs in the world, FC Barcelona. The stadium is called Camp Nou. This place is one of the biggest football stadiums in the world. Remember to take some snaps of the place where the great Lionel Messi plays. Afterward, rush to the Tower of San Sebastian, from where you can take a cable car tour of this beautiful city.

After this cable car tour, we recommend you to visit the ancient ruins in Park Guell. Follow it up with Barcelona Cathedral. Spend some time there and take some pictures. If there is still some time left on your clock, we recommend you to visit Montjuic Castle. You can either check out from your hotel at the start of the day, as there won’t be much luggage needed for a 3-day trip. You can also directly go to the airport at the end of your trip. So, the choice is yours and you can make it on your suitability.

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