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WISO Software offers users high-quality products

You may be certain that you are getting a top-notch product when you purchase WISO software from Buhl Data. The Neunkirchen-based software business has long been regarded as one of the best in Germany. The control software market is the WISO series’ primary focus. Since the early 1990s, Buhl Data has amassed the broadest knowledge of all manufacturers in this field. The various versions of the software have already produced millions of tax returns and given consumers tax refunds totaling several billion euros since Buhl Data’s first product, the WISO savings book.

The software’s usability is the main factor in its success. To use the WISO software, you don’t need to be an expert in computers. Regardless of where a taxable consumer purchase the WISO Steuer: Sparbuch—online as a download software, in a retail outlet on CD or DVD, or otherwise: The programs can be rapidly and easily installed on a home computer by non-professionals as well. The process of preparing the income tax return after that is nearly as simple. The software poses inquiries and, using the data it gathers, determines the tax burden for the pertinent assessment period.

Do I need any specific Wiso software?

The WISO Steuer-Sparbuch and other items from the tax series, as well as software applications with the term “tax,” frequently win tests and comparisons thanks mostly to these capabilities. The software from WISO is the industry leader in the field of control software due to the constantly high quality of its products. Buhl Data greatly outpaces its rivals Lexware and Akademische Arbeitsgemeinschaft with a share of more than two-thirds.

Many small businesses are also aware of a helpful Buhl Data program in addition to the WISO software for tax return preparation. The intended audience for WISO MyOffice is small business owners, independent contractors, and other self-employed individuals.

A useful Buhl Data program is also known to many small enterprises, in addition to the WISO software for tax return preparation. Small business owners, freelancers, and self-employed people are the target audience for WISO MyOffice.

The software’s name tells it all: WISO Mein Büro helps you with your regular office tasks. One of the main purposes of the PC application is to create client data, send invoices, and prepare data for the tax office.

Cross-platform software is popular

An illustration of how the WISO software adjusts to the users’ evolving needs is WISO Mein Büro. The buzzword for the new versions of office software is “cross-platform.” Some users will query, “What does that mean?” When a piece of software is cross-platform, users can access it on both desktop computers and mobile devices. The desktop computer, tablet, and smartphone all fall under this category: Data can be read and edited depending on where the user logs in.

These aspects make the daily tasks of self-employed persons considerably simpler since they must be accessible and able to act seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. These standards for cross-platform operability are not yet met by the tax-related WISO software. However, it appears that Buhl Data will soon introduce control software that is secure and permeable to all devices.

How does tax recovery operate?

Here is how tax retrieval functions:

Simply put: The data that the tax office already has access to is taken from WISO Steuer and entered into the tax return using the retrieval function. even if a document changes, entirely automatically.

How did the tax agency obtain my information?

Your company electronically submits your income tax information to the tax agency. Additionally, data that is crucial for your taxes are reported to the tax office by insurance and health insurance firms. This information is automatically entered by WISO Steuer into the appropriate fields on your tax return. You can’t fail and will quickly receive your tax refund.

How will WISO Steuer get the information for me?

You ask the tax office for an activation number for WISO Steuer. This is entered into WISO Steuer. This makes it possible for us to automatically complete your tax return.

Link your bank account

Using the finanzblick app, WISO tax is linked to your checking account. With only a few clicks, you can add significant expenses immediately to your tax return. without using any typing.

Your financial situation is easier than ever!

Financial insight: what is it?

Finanzblick provides you with all banking-related services. Everything you could want from a banking app is available here, including an account summary, statistics, photo transfers, and the gathering of your client cards. Super safe and simple to use.

Why is this a supplemental app?

Finanzblick is a standalone financial application that has a variety of creative features for handling bank accounts. If you choose, you can easily use your buhl: account to connect Finanzblick to your tax return in WISO Steuer. Following that, the application will provide you access to all of your tax-saving expenses.

Does the app need to be connected to WISO Steuer?

No, connecting to WISO Steuer is not required. Finanzblick can be used to acquire a general picture of your financial situation. finanzblick automatically maintains a budget book for you and displays how much money you spend.

How to file a family tax return and receive a refund?

These are the ways:

Register on autopilot

Allow WISO Steuer to handle the work and enter data automatically, such as B. income tax or child benefit.

Detail the child benefit

accurately enters tax-relevant data in the tax return, such as child benefits or maintenance charges.

Adolescent kids

Have the kids already left the house? WISO Steuer offers advice on receiving tax refunds for grown children.

Workplace supplies and educational expenses

Save money on taxes by using work equipment, internet, and phone costs, among other things. WSO Steuer demonstrates how.

Maternity compensation

WISO Steuer makes it simple to declare maternity benefits.

Helpful videos and more

There is help for each indicator, a search function, and instructional videos. Everything was clearly and simply stated.

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