Why shouldn’t you leave foundation cracks unnoticed?

If you notice your basement leaking during snow or rainfall, it is time you inspect your home foundation. In several cases, foundation cracks can cause water to seep in through your basement walls resulting in ruined carpets, furnishings, and flooring.

Flooding and moisture damage is a major issue for Canadian houses as there have been numerous insurance claims for water damage in the last 10 years. In fact, over $1 billion has been forked out by the Canadian insurance industry in the settlement for these claims yearly.

Your foundation should be regularly inspected twice a year to know if there are any foundation crack symptoms or not. Seasonal changes can affect your foundation and early detection may save a lot of your money.

A Word of Caution

Never repair the cracks you found on your own. Everyone has the desire to do their repairs and save some money. But, the foundation isn’t the place for DIY experiments. Repairing a foundation crack isn’t as simple as caulking the bathtub. Every crack may need different material and approach. However, what you can do is first find out what level of damage has occurred by going through the guideline given below:

  • Hairline crack in the foundation

A single crack seen from the inside of the foundation isn’t unusual. Because of expansion and contraction due to seasonal changes, hairline cracks can occur. It is super thin and may not let in any moisture. So, you shouldn’t panic much here.

  • Multiple cracks or broad cracks in the foundation

If there are multiple cracks or broader cracks than hairline, then it means your foundation needs settling.

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  • Horizontal or step cracks

When your foundation has horizontal, leaning or step cracks, it means you have entered the dangerous territory. If there are long horizontal cracks or step-like cracks, it needs immediate attention.

Does your foundation have cracks which need repair?

It is important to keep the urgency score linked with cracks in mind and take action on time. Everyone should make their home safe and healthy and thus, contacting a local foundation company to inspect your foundation and state the urgency for repair is important.

If you don’t own a sump pump or drain system, then the best way to protect your house from leakage is by repairing the cracked foundation. You can contact a waterproofing company expert to know your options and make a wise choice for your foundation repair.

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Tips to prevent foundation damage:

  1. Put water in the lawn: Foundation damage occurs because of expansion and contraction of the soil. As soon as there is rainfall on too dry soil, it swells more than normal and stresses the foundation walls.
  2. Plant trees at a distance from the house: Roots of trees may be another reason for foundation trouble. Often the soil soaks all the water leaving the soil loose and dry. It makes the foundation settle and sink. Make sure you plant trees with deep roots away from the house.
  3. Prevent basement leaks: A wet basement can damage your foundation. Fix vault leaks as soon you notice them prevent dampness from building up and making cracks in the walls.
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