Why should you look for a rental property in gated communities?

Being a renter in an apartment community is an experience everyone should have at least once. The independence and excitement of staying in a place are priceless. However, moving into a gated community can sometimes seem daunting, especially if you are a first-timer. The gated community is a luxe community that offers residents a sense of individuality that stable housing complexes do not offer. A gated compound can offer several benefits for you and your family.

Amenities that are offered in rented flats in Thane in gate communities

  • Peaceful Atmosphere

Unless a neighbor has an emergency, they would not be meddling in people’s business. People typically mind their own business in a gated community. Due to strict security, no one infringes the traffic speeding rules. Hence these neighborhoods are quieter and more peaceful. Less traffic also indicates less noise pollution, making residents feel serene even when residing in an urban setting. For a family person, staying in a gated apartment means residing in a neighborhood in a bigger area that you can call your own.

  • Extra Security

The security of gated communities remains quite tight round the clock. This serves as great prevention of accidents and thefts. Even though this does not serve as a promise for mishap reduction, they monitor the visitors who come and go. This routine helps residents to feel safer in their homes. Several gated communities have lower crime rates due to maintaining tight security measures. Thus, there is some kind of validation that families are safer when staying in this type of gated community entrance.

  • Feeling of Individuality

One of the benefits of staying in 2 BHK flats for rent in Hyderabad within a gated community is that families enjoy the chance of being part of an elite neighborhood. They enjoy staying together with a chosen group of families with elite amenities and facilities. Some people enjoy staying with individuals of similar status as they share an understanding of the set of rules. In this manner, they can maintain the modesty of the place.

  • Luxurious Recreational Facilities

All gated community houses in India have special rights for residents. This indicates that when a person resides in this community, they have access to deluxe amenities. These services are planned to offer an enhanced standard of living for its residents. Builders are continuously upgrading modern luxe services. Other common facilities include playgrounds, swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, sports courts, etc.

  • Strategic Locations

Gated communities are usually located at tactical locations. This means it is at the city’s hub and close to dining, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and entertainment centers. Its location also guarantees easy access to all other basic amenities.

  • Greener Environment

Living in an eco-friendly place has several advantages, along with being profitable. Not only do the residents protect the environment, but they lower bills, enjoy fresh air, and increase energy efficiency. This is a perfect way for families to settle in for the long term as they do not wish to leave a place that offers an overall healthy living.

Documentation Process for residential rent agreement

One of the essential documents a tenant should sign before moving into rented flats in Thane is the rental agreement with the owner. The below-mentioned items should be explained to the owner: 

  • Monthly rent, annual increment, and the maintenance for the same 
  • Recovery method in case there is damage due to natural disaster.
  • Who pays the utility bills?
  • Duration of the notice period
  • Who is in charge of repairs?


While drafting a sample residential rent agreement for 2 BHK flats for rent in Hyderabad, every tenant is charged certain charges. However, please note that charges may vary according to the sizes of each community.

Rules and Regulations 

Tenants are a component of the community like every other inhabitant. While your rent agreement might not cover all features, every gated community will have definite rules and regulations that should be followed by tenants staying in that community to help maintain peace and order.

Maintenance charges 

Every member residing in a community, regardless of whether they are an owner or tenant, is accountable for paying Apartment maintenance charges to the Managing Committee or RWA to maintain common facilities like gymnasium, swimming pool, sports centers, gardens, recreational centers, etc. 

There are diverse charges covered under an apartment maintenance fee. As tenants, you should familiarize yourself with a complete breakdown of said charges and an appropriate receipt for deposit, rent, and maintenance paid during the creation of the residential rental agreement.

Three different methods of maintenance charge calculation are there. Based on the community, the committee might turn up at any one of the following methods of maintenance amount collection:

  • Equal maintenance fee
  • Per square feet charge 
  • Hybrid method 

As decided by the association, tenants might have to pay the maintenance fee quarterly, monthly, semi-annual or yearly. 

In the changing situations, the pressure of growing needs and sheer lack of time have restricted city dwellers’ social interaction. Thus, there is a dire need for residential spaces that guarantee a quality lifestyle and renovate the conventional attraction of community living. This has paved the mode for gated communities, an idea flourishing in the Indian real estate sector. Gated communities defy market changes and make sure higher resale worth even in low market conditions.

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