Why Should Eye Cream Be A Part Of Your Skin Routine?

Why are eye creams so popular? Maybe it’s because we have finally realized that there are no one-size-fits-all approach to facial skincare. Perhaps our grandmothers were right when they looked at their eyes morning and night.

Your eyes are where most of your ageing happens. Their skin is also thinner, which can be a great indicator of if you are tired or not getting enough sleep. This is the most vulnerable area to become dry, puffy and sensitive. It needs extra care.

Eye Cream: Why Use It?

Eye cream is more than a moisturiser. This cream has been specially formulated to address the problems that are most concentrated around the eyes. It is designed to provide super-targeted water and deliver ingredients such as hyaluronic acids to the areas where they are most needed.

Eye creams are made for the delicate skin around the eyes. It’s their job. You can give that area of your face the love it needs if you choose the right one.

What Is The Best Way To Moisturize My Eyes?

Your skincare routine should be unique. Some people are lucky enough to be able to pick up a generic moisturizer and go with it. Most people find that one moisturiser is too irritating for their eyes, even though it works well for most of their faces. One product that is used for your eyes and your face doesn’t address your skin’s unique needs.

The best hydrating eye cream is your first line of defence if you wish to reduce puffiness, dark circles, or fine lines around your eyes.

Eye Creams Have Many Benefits

The eye cream has many benefits. These benefits can be increased depending on the type of eye cream you use. We recommend using an eye cream with hyaluronic acids. The benefits of hyaluronic acid eye creams are increasing in popularity and can make a big difference to the skin around your eyes. These are the benefits we’ll be including below.

1. Minimise Dark Circles

There are many reasons for dark circles. If your dark circles are due to thin skin around the eyes, an eye cream can help increase the depth of the skin.

2. Reduce The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Smiles and laughter are good for the soul. However, they can tug at the skin by the eyes. Fine lines around the eyes can be a sign of ageing. Hydration can help reduce the appearance of fine lines with an eye cream. Fine lines are not something you can eliminate. There is no miracle cure. Good hydration can make your skin look brighter and fresher.

3. Protect Yourself From The Elements

Your skin serves as a barrier between you, the environment and external elements. Your skin’s protective barrier is completed by the eye cream.

4. Hydration With A Specific Purpose

The skin around the eyes may be drier than the rest of your face. Even if your forehead is oily, or your chin is oily, the skin around your eyes may require more targeted hydration.

5. Wellness And Healing

Hyaluronic acid is an eye cream that has many benefits. It is a powerful antioxidant and healing agent, so any micro-tears caused by daily life or exfoliation can heal quickly.

What Is The Best Time To Use Eye Creams In Your Skincare Routine?

When adding an eye cream to your skincare routine, one of the most common mistakes is to add it too soon! This is a common mistake that can be made and will depend on your skincare routine and eye cream.

As the first step in your moisturising routine, we recommend the eye cream with maple and coffee. We recommend this rule of thumb if you are unsure about the best time to apply your eye cream: Apply moisturising products according to thickness, starting with the thinnest.

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