What You Need To Know About Decra Mabati in Kenya

Top in the list of basic needs in the world is shelter, it is a major requirement by human beings for keeping good health. In achieving shelter, there is a need to put up a structure and enclose it to avoid the hot sun and even rain thus this article solely focuses on decra mabati in Kenya.

In the current world, it is an aspiration of every person who is old enough to build a house for their family. Iron sheets are required to finish up one’s house after beginning from the foundation and decra mabati tiles have become the most preferred materials of roofing. The following are the major reasons why decra mabati are considered in Kenya;


Most people tend to first inquire about a product’s functional longevity and that is why decra mabati distinguishes it from other brands, this is because it is coated with Zinc on both sides hence preventing corrosion and this works to see that the durability of decra mabati is long enough.

Another aspect of decra mabati that boosts its durability is the presence of fungicide in its makeup and this prevents the growth of lichens and algae on them, in case the harmful plants are left to grow on the mabati, their durability will be reduced gradually and this is why decree is considered by customers over other brands.


Decra mabati is not only lightweight but also very strong because of the items that are used in its making, it weighs 7 kilograms per square meter.

The lightweight feature is another key aspect of consideration by customers since heavy ones remain a threat because they can cause the house roofing to collapse with time thus causing injuries and even fatalities on serious occasions.


Due to the high demand for roofing materials in Kenya, prices of the materials have rapidly increased without the improvement of their quality but luckily, decra mabati prices in Kenya have remained constant with their standard at its best.

Rain Water Harvesting

Water is a major requirement at home for domestic use including cooking, washing tools and equipment, irrigating the home garden, and other vast roles at home.

There are many sources of water including pumping from the nearest river, digging a borehole, and of all them the easiest way of accessing water is through roof catchment and decra mabati tiles are the best because they have been recommended by the world health organization that their water is safe for human consumption.

Noise Free

Some of the available brands are very noisy especially when it is raining and in the case, you were conducting a meeting, you will have difficulty in communicating but decra mabati has made it possible for you to continue with your activities irrespective of the weather condition.


To crown it all, in case you are stuck between deciding the kind of roofing materials you need to buy, decra manati are the best, following their durability, lightweight, cost appropriate, free from noise, and rainwater harvesting are some of the advantages of the brand in Kenya alongside other numerous benefits.

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