What to Look for in Your WordPress Hosting Plan?

Choosing the right hosting plan for your WordPress site is a must for its efficient functioning and management. While the price of web hosting is a major consideration, you should look at the other features and offerings of the plan before finalising a WordPress hosting plan for your website.  Read on to know more about the features to look at while buying WordPress Hosting in India.

  • Good Amount of Storage or Option to Upgrade

A new website may not require many resources to store its content but the requirement increases with the growth in the business. So, when looking to buy a WordPress hosting plan for your website, choose the one offering you adequate resources, especially in terms of storage. The best option is to choose a plan that comes with unlimited storage or comes with an option to upgrade at any time.

  • Automatic Updates

Efficient functioning of your website is possible when you are using the latest version of the software and the CMS. So, choose a WordPress hosting plan that includes regular automatic updates. This will you avoid any kind of security breaches and ensure the smooth running of your website.

  • Inclusion of Free Themes and Staging Environment

A good WordPress hosting plan will include access to hundreds of free WordPress themes for use on your website. Other features like a free domain name and a staging environment to test the potential changes to your website enhance the worth of a web hosting package.

  • Security

The security of your website is very important and choosing the right WordPress hosting plan can help you on this front. Choose a plan that includes an SSL certificate besides an automatic daily malware scan for the protection of your website. Another thing to consider is whether the hosting plan includes a firewall or a Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS protection system for your website. You can also check the hosting service provider’s reputation in terms of security breaches of any data of their existing clients.

  • Speed Boosting CDN

A WordPress hosting plan that includes speed-boosting CDN is a must if your visitor traffic includes people from different locations across the globe. The CDN or the Content delivery network works by caching the content from your website on multiple servers located in different locations. It delivers the content to the visitors on your site through the server closest to them thereby reducing the loading time.

  • WordPress Website Migration

A major risk while switching to a new web hosting plan is loss of data and increased downtime. You can avoid this by choosing a WordPress hosting plan that offers quick and seamless migration of your website to their server.

  • Level of Customer Support

Running a website is not easy and may require some technical and other support from time to time. Besides checking the web hosting price, do check the level and the type of support available to the customers. Choose a hosting service provider whose staff is aware of or specialises in WordPress and so can easily identify and rectify common WordPress errors, compatibility issues, or any other problem.

You can get a good WordPress hosting plan for your website by looking through the features and pricing and comparing them. You can also go through third-party reviews or contact the existing customers to get a clear idea about the quality of hosting services and price worthiness.

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