What To Do If You Are Wrongfully Terminated?

There are numerous reasons for getting fired, but what should you do if you are wrongfully terminated from your job without any prior notice or cause? You are able to bring a claim against the employer for wrongful termination.

A company can terminate someone’s job if they fail to meet the requirement of the job position. In some cases, a mutual decision is made between the employers and employees, determining that the relationship with the company is not good for either party. That is why you should contact an Austin employment lawyer.

What to do if you are wrongfully terminated

The term “wrongful termination” states that an employer can fire or lay off an employee for illegal reasons, like:

  1. Violation of state and federal anti-discrimination laws.
  2. Violating the oral and written employment contract.
  3. Firing for “blowing the whistle” of the employer for violating any law.
  4. Firing to complain about any kind of discrimination, sexual harassment, or creating a hostile workplace.

Things like poor performance, going out of business, a decrease in the workforce, etc., are all legal reasons for the employee’s fault in firing or laying off the employee.

Contact an attorney first if you want to bring a legal claim for firing you wrongfully from the job. There are various potential legal remedies available if the employer is encountered to have wrongfully terminated your employment. 

Getting fired from the job is shocking, so you need to think cool for the next steps. There are several things you can do to document what occurred.

  1. If you have an employment contract, carefully review the terms and conditions and become familiar with the provisions. Review the promises of your employer described in the agreement and gather evidence of the promises.
  2. Ask your employer about the termination reason if they did not tell you. Find out who fired you.
  3. View your personnel file.
  4. Collect all documents that the employer has provided you to date. Save every e-mail, and text message exchanged between you and your employer.
  5. Request a severance package. Confirm every agreement related to your termination and severance in writing.
  6. Collect the witness document from previous co-workers who have witnessed wrongful conduct.
  7. Return the company property and follow the post-employment procedures.

Talk to a lawyer

If you have been wrongfully terminated, you have the right to severance pay, unemployment compensation, and damages. Speak with an experienced lawyer to understand your rights. 

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