What to Consider When Buying a Keg Pump

Keg pumps are essential gadgets when it comes to serving keg. The keg is an alcoholic drink stored and transported in steel tanks.

Below is an article that will key you in on some of the factors that you should have in my mind before buying a keg pump for your business or personal use.

A keg tank is useless without its respective keg pump. The keg pump to be used is not just selected randomly, but careful consideration is made to ensure that the best possible keg pump is utilized.

CO2 (Carbon (IV) oxide) system for freshness

It is a technique applied to ensure a continuous supply of carbon dioxide into the keg tank. It is a mechanism to keep the keg fresh for the longest time possible. When withdrawn, the keg’s freshness is compromised by entering excess oxygen into the keg tank. The oxygen renders the keg flat and unfit for drinking.

A G-System Fitting

A coupler ensures that the alcoholic drink is drained from the keg tank in a tightly controlled amount. The keg is poured into containers for personal use at regulated volumes to prevent over-spilling. The fitting requires frequent replacement or repair to improve the process of pouring the keg.

The Keg Tank

Only specific keg pumps can be used with specific keg tanks. The keg pump used has to be compatible with the keg tank. A mistake when purchasing the keg pump will result in a mismatch between the keg tank and the keg pump and consequently result in an inability to pour the keg drink.

The Durability of the Keg Pump

It is a critical factor that is well addressed by the type of material used in manufacturing the keg pump. Stainless steel is a suitable material due to its high strength and non-rust properties. The higher the qualities of the keg pump, the more durable it is.


If you plan on purchasing one keg pump for use by different keg tanks, it would be advisable to acquire a light pump that can be easily transported from one place to another. The keg pump should be easy to eject from its respective keg tanks and, after that, taken to its following location.


The keg pump price in Kenya can be determined by the seller you inquire from. The price is a significant factor since it cuts across all the other factors, as mentioned earlier. It would be great if the buyer ensured they get the best deal while at the same time maximizing the factors discussed.

Standard of Pump

The pump used should be up to the set standards for efficient usage. The higher the pump’s quality, the better its performance in delivering regulated volumes of the keg into the appropriate locations. The better the quality, the more the durability and the less the expenses incurred in replacing or repairing broken pumps.


The pump must be clean so that there is very few dirt retaining regions that would contaminate the beverage. It should be made of stainless steel with non-rust properties to ensure reduced contamination.


We can agree that choosing the right keg pump can sometimes be a hard nut to crack. A buyer needs to pay attention to detail to make the best-informed decision. It will be of benefit to him and the business prowess in the end. For more, check

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