What problems can be solved with Double Eyelid Surgery?

Beautiful eyes doesn’t mean you only have to have double eyelids. But having eyes that are shape, proportion, structure, every element together makes a person’s face beautiful, charming, inviting to look at. Therefore, it can be considered as suitable for beautiful eyes. But many people don’t always have the perfect eyes they want. Because some people even have double eyelids But it may look and not look beautiful on the face Or some people have unequal eye layers. Some people have problems with ptosis. or even no eyelids at all. Double Eyelid Surgery is a method that can help solve various eye problems. effectively There is no need for double eyelid surgery or double eyelid surgery, but double eyelid surgery to correct flaws. Not just to enhance the beauty of the eyes. but also enhance the beauty of the whole face to look beautiful only in your own way

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What problems can double eyelid surgery solve?

Double eyelid surgery is not only done for beauty. but also helps to treat eye disorders Fixed bugs in a variety of ways. It depends on the individual that there is a need to solve the eye problem in any form. The double eyelid surgery that most people would like to do is to solve the following problems.

1. Solve the problem of single eyelid

It is a characteristic of eyes without layers at all, Muay style, making the eyes look small. or some people have had double eyelids But as he got older, his eyelids fell to cover the original eye layer. You can do double eyelid surgery to make your eyes look brighter. It helps to look down on the child as well.

2. Fix 2 layers of eyes to hide in

Double eyelids drooping inside is a feature that already has double eyelids. But when I open my eyes, I can’t see the layers of my eyes. This may be caused by a large layer of fat on the eyelids. or sagging eyelids fall to cover the eyelids Each cause of the problem will use different techniques of double eyelid surgery. To help correct the eyelids to be clearer in the most appropriate and natural way.

3. Solve the problem of drooping eyelids I can’t open my eyes

It is the appearance of the eye with the eyelids covering the black eye down. see less black eyes than normal people which will make the eyes look sleepy. His face did not look bright, despite his good health. full rest The cause of ptosis may be from weak eye muscles. often rubbing his eyes allergic to eyes or congenital ptosis The double eyelid surgery will directly solve the problem. by lifting the eyelids to open more to see the eyes more wide

4. Solve the problem that the two eyes are not equal.

two eyes are not equal often have unequal opening of the eyes One eye may open wider. His eyes were noticeably larger than the other. The double eyelid surgery will help adjust the eye muscles to open up. Give both eyes a natural balance.

5. Solve the problem of unequal eye layers

Which in this manner is different from the two eyes are not equal. Both eyes open equally but the eye layer is not the same. By double eyelid surgery, it will help make the new eyelid look equally balanced. In this case, it may occur with the two eyes that are not equal as well. Therefore, double eyelid surgery will use a combination of techniques to make both eyes as equal as possible.

6. Solve the problem of small eyes asymmetrical to the face

In this way, there is no specific eye problem. But there is a need for bigger round eyes. without the need for a large, clear eye layer which doubles eyelid surgery for this kind of need The doctor will use a specific technique to help adjust the eyes to be suitable for the face.

7. Solve the problem of deep eye sockets

Eyes that can clearly see the edge of the eye socket This will result in the face looking shabby and aging. Double eyelid surgery to solve the problem of deep eye sockets is often used to transfer the fat in the eyes with a specific technique. This allows the results to last longer than just filling or injecting fillers under the eyes.

8. Solve the problem of closed eyes

Characteristics of eyes with drooping eyelids covering the inner corners of the eyes make eyes look small or may look at strabismus The double eyelid surgery will help open the eyes more. It helps your eyes look naturally long.

9. Double eyelid correction that has been done before

Some people may have problems with the eyelids falling again after having double eyelid surgery. Or the eyelids are smaller and the eyelids fall off, then double eyelid surgery can be performed again to correct the eyelids. Able to make new double eyelids But in the case of double eyelid surgery, there is a problem that the eyelids are too large, see the eyelids, droopy eyes, which may require more detailed and more complicated surgical techniques to correct this type of double eyelid surgery.

In this regard, double eyelid surgery is used to correct various eye problems. can be made specifically for editing Or it can be done in conjunction with double eyelid surgery at the same time as well. depending on individual needs however Double eyelid surgery to meet all needs with the highest satisfaction. It is important to speak with a medical professional to determine the most appropriate and best course of treatment in all cases.

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