What is a good job?

Work remotely, sitting in a deck chair nearby, from anywhere in the world; build a work schedule at your discretion; Spend 4 hours a day on work and at the same time get 100 thousand a year at least; be your own boss; doing what you love… This is what an ideal job could look like if it were present in reality.

We want freedom, opportunities for advancement, inspiration, high pay, peace of mind in communicating with the manager and colleagues. The problem is that all these components are never combined in one work. There are no such cases. Real work is always a compromise between the desired and the actual.

Today we invite you to test your work from a range of perspectives to see how good it is when viewed through the prism of pink dreamy glasses, based on reality. It is especially useful to act for people who are chronically dissatisfied with their work. Let’s try to figure out whether your work is worth it, whether it has a key advantage that matters at least tolerable, and at the maximum – comfortable and life-affirming. Or there are no benefits. If you want to find a real good job, look at


Your supervisor doesn’t frown when you take sick leave for a child; gives you two weeks of vacation per year; doesn’t mind if you work from home for a day or two… These are clear benefits that many people don’t have. If you have a share of freedom, the manager makes compromises, you can use working hours if necessary – use this and appreciate it.


Found in the consciousness of freedom in decisions. Of course, as long as we work within the system, we cannot speak of complete autonomy. Actually, business owners only dream of complete autonomy, since the business is also included in a wider system … All the more valuable is an independent decision or one other issue, to manage opportunities, delegate responsibilities, experiment and apply new methods and tools. Plus – if your work gives you a share of independence and opens up space for initiatives.

Content of the work

We think that the most valuable thing in a set of tasks, functions and always is the possibility of carriers. The way a person works is that as long as he has access to new horizons, he is full of focus and is not afraid to meet. As soon as work becomes a pool of stagnant water, the mind becomes moldy, discontent sprouts in luxuriant wilds, and there it is not far from depression. A good job is one in which the set of regularly recurring tasks is updated so that the convolutions have something to do in search of new solutions.


Do you come to work as a group of like-minded people? Do you communicate with colleagues abroad – with pleasure, without coercion, on your own initiative? At any time you can ask for help and get it? Then you are a happy person.

You may object – what if such work is paid little, and there is no prospect for the future? Everyone decides for himself what is more important – high wages or warmth in the team (in practice, these two cases are rare).

Career Opportunities

Think in line with what you could delay within the company you are currently working for. Do not rush to immediately object that there is no progress – it happens that we do not see opportunities where they are, or we are too lazy to try. Finding empowerment opportunities with an employer becomes easier than looking for a new job. The task is to convey to decision makers the idea of ​​the upcoming desire to grow professionally and in status. And do not wait until your achievements are noticed – they are talked about.

Salary and bonuses

You are able to pay current expenses for living and living, you can have the opportunity to take a vacation once a year, you have funds for treatment if necessary, sometimes you allocate funds for leisure – this is already a lot, and not everyone has such an opportunity.

Think about the perks your job provides. Maybe it’s a trip abroad, corporate training, flexible working hours, a company car…

In the last paragraph of the article, it seemed to you a mockery, because this reward is very modest, that you have to barely make ends meet – look for a job.

This is the achievement of success and time. summary. Repair self-esteem. Straighten your shoulders. Remember what you know. Find the best quality in yourself, collect about them in a resume and agree on a letter, and then for an interview.

But without this situation will not die. If you have long been tormented by dissatisfaction with extraction, look for a new one.


One of the famous theories of motivation was put forward by the American psychologist Frederick Herzberg. According to his research, the factors that motivate people to work are recognition, responsibility, and a sense of value to the company.

How can you understand that you are valued and recognized for your merits? For example, if possible, growth in a position, if not now, then in the future, expanding the range of tasks, monetary incentives – for high results or a successful project. If there are no opportunities for development at your work, and nothing but a verbal “Thank you!” If you don’t get it (and even then not always), then the system eventually fails: things turn into a routine, and there is no desire to move forward.

How to check. Imagine yourself in three years in the same company. Have you been promoted? Have the tasks changed? Has the area of ​​responsibility increased? Are you interested in this?

If it’s hard to imagine with your own example, look at your colleagues: what is their career history? Are they satisfied? Do they feel they are being appreciated?

If the answer to all these questions is “no”, then you can put a minus on this item.

Salary that does not infringe

Of course, salary is the main factor by which a place of work is evaluated. And of course, the higher it is, the better, and there is no limit to dreams. But what to focus on if we are not talking about dreams, but about reality?

to the market level. Is your salary in the market, above or below the market level? But what if it is higher than the market average, but lower than the salary of your colleague in the same position, which you accidentally found out about and were very upset about? It is more appropriate to speak about the attitude to the salary, and not about its actual size.

How to check. Very simple. Are you earning enough to live on? Do you have the opportunity to earn more at this job? And in other places? What salary is offered in vacancies with duties similar to yours? Do you think the company is paying you what you deserve?

Guarantees and fulfillment of obligations

Stability for Indians is a very important quality. One of the surveys on showed that 60% of the interviewed applicants expect it from employers. This concept includes not only official registration, but also social guarantees, confidence that the work will not create problems with the law – in one form or another.

How to check. Do you have a white salary? Is there that same “confidence in the future”? Would you like your loved ones to have jobs with the same guarantees as you?


Development can be both personal and professional. Better yet, both at once: the disappointment of a job in which you do not develop can be even stronger than the disappointment of a small salary. You have probably come across examples when people left prestigious companies, from good positions, refusing rather high salaries, for more modest conditions, but with greater opportunities for development, and explained this by the fact that they “stayed up” and “suffocate”.

How to check. What new have you learned in the last year of work? Do you have the opportunity to learn something directly at work or at the expense of the employer? Imagine yourself in 5-10 years: will the skills you got in this job be useful in the future? Can you proudly talk about the results of your work?

A team that inspires confidence

Colleagues, unlike friends, are chosen – however, managers and recruiters do it for us. And the relationship in the team is largely influenced by the company and its leaders. Respectful and trusting relationships within an organization are a must for good work. This also includes respect and trust in the leader.

How to check. Do colleagues listen to your opinion? Can you trust your boss? Are you ready to ask colleagues for advice if you need help? Do you have something to learn from others? Is there a healthy psychological atmosphere in the team?

If your current position is difficult to define as a “good job”, update your resume on and look for the one that suits you among more than 600,000 vacancies throughout India

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