What are the Most Common Causes of Birth Injuries in Lexington?

It’s not a secret that babies are fragile at birth. Every parent knows this and is, of course, kept up to date on the most up-to-date safety practices and guidelines. In order to make sure a safe delivery happens, doctors are required to perform a number of tests to evaluate the health of the fetus in utero so they can be forewarned about any potential abnormalities or malformations. Unfortunately, all too often these tests lead to unnecessary interventions and more importantly, unintended injuries that can result in lifelong consequences for the child or adult.

Therefore, it is essential to consult a lexington personal injury attorney and investigate the cause of birth injury. Attorneys will also help you to get the compensation you deserve. 

We will now see the most common causes of birth injuries.

  • Delayed C-section

If you have to undergo a cesarean section, it is important for your doctor to do the necessary tests and make the decision to perform a C-section as soon as possible. If the fetus is not in distress, there is no reason why to delay a C-section, which can only lead to increased risks for both the mother and the child. The longer a woman has to undergo labor without medical intervention, the higher her chances of getting injured or suffering from severe postpartum depression.

  • Improperly performed C-section

One of the main reasons why women opt for cesarean section is due to the fact that it is a safer option for both mother and child. This is why doctors are obliged to perform their surgical interventions in the safest and most careful manner. It can be very unfortunate for a couple if their doctor does not properly perform a C-section. 

  • Negligent use of forceps

Forceps are very sharp, and they can severely injure the baby during delivery. Therefore, it is never enough to show that someone else used forceps improperly in a labor and delivery room. An attorney will help you to prove negligence on the part of the medical profession. 

  • Rough delivery

During delivery, the child has to be pushed out of the birthing canal and into the world. It is very unfortunate, but sometimes a mother has to undergo excessive force to push her child out of the womb. If this happens, it can result in severe injuries for both mother and baby. 

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