Ways to Keeping Your Children’s Teeth Healthy

As parents, you should recognize the importance of proper oral hygiene and do all possible to instil it in your children. Even healthy adult teeth begin with strong children’s teeth!

The ultimate objective is to keep your children cavity-free; after all, poor oral health has consequences that reach beyond your budget and their smiles in the future.

You may prevent tooth decay in your child’s teeth by initiating dental treatment as early as possible. Follow these procedures to avoid cavities and maintain your child’s attractive smile.

1.  ​​Keep dental appointments

Maintain regular dental appointments with your trusted dentist like Smile to Go involving your children by seeing the dentist twice a year. By fulfilling your commitments, you establish a routine, and they will adopt it as a ritual.

Your kid should have their first dental appointment between six months of the existence of their first tooth. After that, you can bring the child twice a year.

2.  Teach good habits

Brushing is necessary from the start. Brush your baby’s gums carefully before he gets teeth. You can use a baby toothbrush and clean water to wash them or a soft washcloth.

Also, you can brush your child’s teeth twice a day using an infant toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste after they appear. When two of his teeth come into contact, he begins flossing. Inquire about techniques and procedures with your dentist in Smile to Go.

When your child should start using mouthwash, your dentist may advise you. You’ll have to wait till he learns how to spit it out before you can do anything.

3.  Avoid baby bottle decay

Put a bottle of juice, formula, or milk in the crib for your newborn or older kid to nap with. Sugary beverages stick on his teeth, nourishing germs that can lead to tooth damage. If you give your child a feeding bottle to take to bed, make sure it is entirely water-filled.

4.  Control the sippy cup

A sippy cup can assist children in transitioning from a feeding bottle to a glass, but don’t allow them to drink from it all day long. If the beverages are sweet, using them too much might cause deterioration on the back of the front teeth. So, control using the sippy cup.

5.  Avoid using the pacifier by age 2 or 3

There are many reasons to allow your child to take a pacifier, but it might influence how their teeth will line up in the long run. It can also change the mouth’s shape. If he’s still using a pacifier at age 3, consult professionals like doctors in Smile to Go.

6.  Eat healthy foods

Of course, eating healthy food affects your teeth. As advised by dentists of Smile to Go, avoiding sugary drinks and meals is beneficial to one’s general health and can also initiate a topic about cavities. Sugar may cause decay if it is allowed to sit on your teeth, and we all want healthy, great teeth to enjoy the things we love.

7.  Watch out for sweet medicine

Medication for children can be sweetened and flavorful. Cavities are more likely if they cling to the teeth. Children who use drugs for chronic diseases like asthma or heart issues have a greater likelihood of tooth decay.

Antibiotics and several asthma drugs can induce yeast overgrowth, leading to oral thrush, a fungal illness. Creamy, curd-like areas on the tongue or within the mouth are symptoms.

If your kid is on long-term medication, talk to your dentist about how often they should brush. It might happen up to three times every day.

8.  Stand firm on brushing, flossing, and rinsing

Don’t let your child fuss about brushing, flossing, and rinsing his teeth. Make it plain that he has no option.

Wait patiently. Children can begin cleaning their teeth around the age of two or three, with the assistance of their guardians. However, kids may not be ready to do it alone until about six.

It might take children to perfect their flossing abilities until they are ten. So, patiently wait and help them learn to brush their teeth.

Of course, the methods listed above are only a few ways to maintain your children’s teeth. Following these guidelines will ensure that your kid has strong and healthy teeth throughout their development and growth, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of excellent health. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Smile to Go!

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