Top Job Options for Masters in Microbiology

Microbiology is one of the most famous programs that students generally pursue to stick around the biology and medical industry. Master in Microbiology or you can say MSc in microbiology, is a 2-year postgraduate program, where students explore the disciplines of biology and chemistry in greater detail. Students who complete their bachelor’s degree in the subjects like Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Physiology, and Microbiology as well, can go for this master’s degree course.

Now coming to the central perspective; you may have taken your degree through the offline mode or online via any online courses platform. People often wonder what the main job options they can avail themselves, of after completing their master’s in microbiology degree. Here, we will discuss the top 5 job options in this field in detail.


Simply, the first and the best job option for a master of a microbiology degree holder is the job of a microbiologist. Microbiologists engage themselves in studying various viruses, bacteria, and types of small cellular organisms. A bachelor’s degree can generally make you eligible for entry-level jobs in this field, but having a master’s degree in this course certainly strengthens your resume, and you can work in positions that include research and laboratory experience. 

Some of the other responsibilities of a microbiologist are making presentations or planning with other scientists and supervising and conducting various research projects. The average salary of a microbiologist in India is above 3 lakhs per year.

Environmental Scientist and Specialist

Another great option that master’s in microbiology candidates can go for is the job of an environmental scientist and specialist. Though bachelor’s degree holders in this subject can also acquire this job, for the advancement to other positions, a master’s degree is required. An Environmental scientist and specialist address the need of both environment and human health. 

Some of their major responsibilities include conducting sample analyses, developing methodologies for collecting data, writing various reports related to their work, and creating presentations regarding their research. The average salary of an environmental scientist and specialist in India is 3 lakhs.

Natural Sciences Manager

The job option which ranks third in this list for master of microbiology degree holders is a Natural Sciences Manager. It is one of the most popular jobs that MSc in Microbiology candidates go for and is also in high demand. Various websites which sell programs by learning how to sell online courses, also state the same. 

A natural sciences manager has multiple responsibilities like the managers of other professions, which includes hiring staff, supervising and managing projects, developing administrative procedures and policies, etc. Natural Sciences managers generally have a science degree, mostly in biology, chemistry, and microbiology, and have several years of experience as a scientist. The average salary of a natural sciences manager in India is INR 15 lakhs.


Another job that is in great demand is Epidemiologist. Candidates with MSc in Microbiology degrees also opt for this job which includes the study of various diseases in humans, which generally circles the public health arena. Without a master’s degree, candidates can’t enter this field, which can be in a variety of subjects, including Microbiology as well. Their major job role is to collect and analyze data oversee personnel, and plan and manage programs. They also interact with public health professionals as well as the public and policymakers. The average salary of an epidemiologist in India is above INR 6 lakhs.

Agriculture and Food Scientists

Another great option which you can look for with the master’s in microbiology degree is the job of an agriculture and food scientist. Agriculture and food science are one of the most popular jobs in this field and candidates with this degree can do a lot along with their knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, in this industry. 

Bachelor’s degree is mandatory for entry-level positions, but a master’s degree strengthens your chances to get hired in higher positions. Some of their common responsibilities include regulating various research and experiments for farm productivity. Agriculture or food scientists also help in the form of new effective ways in the processing, packaging, and delivering of new foods. The average salary of an agriculture and food scientist in India is above INR 4 lakhs.

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