Top Four Reasons To File A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

The medical industry has evolved over the years and has come up with numerous innovations in its field for the betterment of patients. But despite all the advancements, even the most minor mistakes from the doctor’s end can be disastrous for the patient resulting in a medical malpractice claim.

But do you know when you can file a lawsuit? Here we pen down a few reasons that stand eligible for a medical malpractice claim:

Error in medication

A medical malpractice lawsuit also stands applicable when a doctor gives wrong medications. This may occur due to wrong dose prescription, prescribing medicines in the wrong concentration, or dangerous interactions.

Further, prescribing a patient medicine he/she is allergic to and failing to instruct them properly regarding the consumption of drugs can again be a reason for a claim.

Such an error may either occur due to the mistake of a pharmacist or negligence of the doctor. Sometimes the doctor might give you the right medicines, but the pharmacist may end up giving you the wrong ones, and in some cases, the medication itself might be prescribed wrong, which strengthens the case of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

But whatever the case, such negligence may prove harmful to the patient forcing them to hire medical malpractice lawyers in Baltimore to fight their case.

Surgical mistakes

Surgical errors committed by doctors can be dangerous and sometimes prove to be life-threatening as well. It can occur due to anesthesia errors, operating the wrong side or wrong body part, infections that arise post-operation, side-effects caused due to sedation, bleeding, etc.

Defect in medical equipments

Even the smallest mistakes committed by the medical fraternity can end up in big mistakes. Using defective devices is one such example that can end up in severe injuries if at all it happens to malfunction or end up causing infections.

Sometimes if the devices stop functioning during the operation, it can create big havoc and put the patient’s life in danger. It is the sole responsibility of the hospital to pay a regular check on the equipment to ensure its proper functioning.

Failure to do the same can be life-threatening for the patients and may also get a medical lawsuit filed against their name.

Mistakes made in the emergency room

Emergency rooms utilities, setting, and facility provided in it may vary from hospital to hospital depending on the services offered. But these rooms witness a lot of patients who fight for life and face some or the other medical emergency.

Such patients need additional care and life-saving doctors who can help them save their life. Failing to give treatment at the right time, negligence, rush treatment, wrong medication, any such mistakes can even prove to be fatal or may cause severe harm to the patients resulting in a medical malpractice lawsuit.


All the instances mentioned above can be dangerous for the patient and can cripple them for life, and even be fatal. Hence, it is important to be acquainted with situations and reasons for which one can consider filing a lawsuit against the medical practitioners.

We hope this guide traverses you through the major reasons that stand eligible for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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