Things You Should Know About Whipped Cream Chargers

Whip cream can make any beverage or dessert taste and look more appealing. This culinary essential tool will help you create warm creams, lighter sauces, and fluffy toppings without stress.

You’ll need a cream charger and dispenser to make the perfect whipped cream.

A cream charger is a fabulous kitchen tool that helps make delicious whipped cream, drinks, mousses, and others. They are major brands like Supreme, Whip it, Mosa, ISI, and Pro Whip, and others that have top-notch cream chargers for home and professional use. Whipped chargers are typically made from 100% recyclable stainless steel, with each pack containing pure nitrous oxide (N2O). Here are a few things you should know about whipped cream chargers.

What Are Cream Chargers?

A cream charger is a gas canister containing nitrous oxide (N2O). When used with a cream dispenser, the nitrous oxide (N20) in the cream charger propels the cream and makes fluffy whipped cream. With these two items, you’ll save yourself the stress of manually whipping cream for your desserts or coffee. You can also save by making it in your home instead of buying whipped cream cans.

What Are Cream Chargers Used For?

Whether you are looking to make fresh whipped cream, fat-free milkshakes, or delicious smoothies, a cream charger will do the job. They are perfect for use in restaurants, cafés, and cafes, as well as domestic kitchens to whip up tasty desserts and other dishes.

Cream chargers have different uses. However, it is mostly used in making whipped cream. You can choose your preferred cream recipe and make your own healthy & fresh whipped cream in your home or restaurant.

You can also use the cream chargers in making foam for cocktails or alcoholic drinks, making mousses, infusing juices, and other liquids. It is a must-have kitchen tool for both home and professional use.

How Can I Use Cream Chargers?

It is quite straightforward to use a whipped cream charger. When purchasing your cream charger, try to ensure that it is compatible with your cream dispenser.

Once you have attached a cream charger and a dispenser, simply add the base ingredient of your choice into the canister. Then, screw the lid on tightly and attach the dispenser to shoot a fine mist.

Next, add a few tablespoons of just-whipped cream (or ingredients such as chocolate syrup or fruit juice) and charge the dispenser with a reliable cream charger.

Shake properly for a few minutes then serve immediately. Just like that, you’ll make nice fluffy whipped cream or foam for your alcoholic drinks.

What Type of Gas Is Used in Cream Chargers?

All whipped cream chargers use nitrous oxide (N2O) gas. A cream charger typically has at least 8 grams of nitrous oxide. The gas serves as a whipping agent to make it easy to make consistent foam or whipped cream within a few minutes.

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is commonly referred to as ”laughing gas”. The cream chargers have pure cream chargers without any added chemicals or additives. Although it is used in propelling whipped cream, it is still used as a gas, and hence should only be handled by adults of 18 years and above.

Are Cream Chargers Legal?

Cream chargers are in the same category as whipped cream aerosols and C02 cartridges used to inject gas. . If you are planning a dinner party, or you simply want to make whipped cream in your home, or restaurant, then it’s perfectly legal to buy a cream chargers. However, it is only sold to people ages 18 and above.

Which Brand of Cream Charger Should I Buy?

There are different brands of whipped cream chargers in the industry. However, we strongly recommend that you use brands like Supreme, Best Whip, Whip it, Mosa, Isi, and others.

These cream chargers have the necessary technology in creating timely, safe, and easy whipped cream and other beverages. They are easy to use and compatible with nearly all whipped cream dispensers.

How Many Cream Chargers Should I Buy?

Each pack of whipped cream chargers typically comes with at least 24 cylinders. There are cream chargers with much more than 24 packs. The number of cream chargers to buy typically depends on what you want to use it to do. The cream chargers have a long shelf-life, so you can keep more than enough in your home.

If you need it for professional use in your restaurant or cafe then you may need to get a pack with up to 120 or more cylinders in a pack.

A single cream charger has 8 grams of nitrous oxide and is suitable for 0.25 liter or 0.5-liter dispensers. A 0.5-liter dispenser with a cream charger will help make up to 1.5 liters of whipped cream.


Cream chargers are one of the best kitchen tools to make life easier and help you make delicious whipped cream for your desserts and drinks. They are quite affordable and easy to use.

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