Things to consider when buying a water tank

Water is very essential for human survival. Thus water conversation should be done always. One way that water can be conserved is through proper storage. Water tanks can be used to store for industrial use, domestic uses, or irrigation. This article will focus on water tanks.

Water tanks are used to store rainwater (which would otherwise go to waste) during the rainy season to be used during the dry season.  Nowadays many people have tanks in their homes, they pump water from natural sources such as rivers, wells, etc, and store it for future use. Water tanks can be made of plastic, metal, or concrete.

Considerations before purchasing water tanks in Kenya


The amount of water a tank can hold is a very important consideration. The capacity of the tank goes hand in hand with the purpose of the water to be stored in the tank. Take, for instance, if you need a tank to store water for industrial use, then you require a tank with a high capacity. On the other hand, if you need a tank to store for household uses then you do not require a big tank.

Material of the tank

Most of the water tanks Kenya are made of plastics. The reason why plastic water tanks are commonly used is that they are cheap, easy to maintain, and readily available. Fixing plastic tanks is easy compared to metallic or concrete tanks. They are also more flexible that is they can easily be transported and can be placed anywhere even on the roof.

Another important consideration is whether the material used in making the tank is certified for safe drinking water. Not all materials used to make tanks are safe for human consumption. Polyethylene is certified for the storage of safe drinking water.

Quality of the tank

Most of the water tanks are placed outside directly subjected to direct sunlight. It is only in a few cases where these tanks have a shade. For this reason, the tank should have a good quality to withstand the severity of the environment. Good quality tank is durable and requires very minimal maintenance.

Good quality tanks are usually made of double layers. They are made of virgin materials, not recycled material. There have been cases of people buying tanks that burst when filled with water. Ensure you always check the quality of the tank you intend to buy.


The price of a tank is mainly determined by its size or quality. When purchasing any tank regardless of the size, you should ensure that it’s worth the cost. It is advisable to do a proper market search before making a purchase so as to ensure you get value for your money. Some retailers tend to overcharge while others still sell fake products.


Taking into consideration of the highlighted factors you be able to purchase a good water tank for your home. It will supply enough water in your household to carry out all you day to day activities.

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