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The secret behind the most successful logos in the world

Ever wonder how many times you have seen a Samsung or Coca-Cola logo? A well-thought-out brand strategy is the key to some of the most recognizable brands in the world. This involves placing the logo and corporate identity elements on advertising, souvenir products, stationery, vehicles and outdoor advertising.

Any carrier of brand information can be used as an advertising tool to grab the attention of potential clients and, in the long-term, push for purchase.

How do you design the perfect logo to represent your company? Is it possible to compete with hundreds of logos already in use?

Logos for companies are more than just an image. These logos are not only the work of highly-paid designers. Sometimes, a humorous situation can make a small drawing into a well-known brand. You can see the history and meanings of the YouTube Logo. It is one of today’s most well-known logos.

Or the Apple logo. It can be used in many different ways, Apple. The truth is simple. Rob Janoff, the designer, created the apple with a bite in order to make it easily identifiable. It could easily have been mistakenly mistaken for another round-shaped fruit.

Although perceptions of emblems are subjective, there are components that help customers to notice them. Marked trademarks that are market-leading leave an indelible mark on customers and are a lasting impression.

Simpleness is the key to a logo that’s successful. Yes, minimalistic logos are more easily remembered by consumers and invoke more associations.

The trademark should communicate the brand’s identity to customers. Its design should also be consistent with company goals. This means that any laconic design must also reflect a sense of uniqueness to distinguish your brand from the thousands.

The potential customers’ interests should be considered when creating a logo. Famous logos are distinguished by their unique features. The emblems can be distinguished by either a text design or a graphic symbol, which is based on a photograph or both.

The quality and thoughtfulness in a logo’s design does not determine its success. 

Companies like Apple or Coca-Cola are unlikely to be less successful if they have different logos. A logo is not enough. It is important to use it where and how you do it. When creating an emblem for your brand think about how it will look on different sizes, such as posters, billboards, business cards and billboards.

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