The Common Difficulties Of Learning Mandarin Chinese

As a foreigner Mandarin Chinese is a tough language. You will be long among the pronunciation and letters as a new learner. But you can learn this one as a second language and enjoy a lot of business and job opportunities. 

Learning Chinese is a very challenging task for those who have never learned this language before. Many people think that this is an easy language because it doesn’t sound difficult to understand. 

But the effort required to learn this language is really worth the time and money spent to learn it. When you want to learn Mandarin Chinese you can try an online platform. AmazingTalker is an online tutor marketplace offering 104 language live courses, with experienced tutors, affordable prices, and personalized courses. 

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Why Mandarin Chinese is Complicated?

There are several reasons why Mandarin Chinese is a tough language, it seems nearly incomprehensible. So, we will find out the reasons here. 

1. Complicated Writing System

Letters and pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese is quite tough. You will be confused and also get in trouble learning them. In this case, you need a native tutor to give you proper guidance to make it easy. 

Mandarin Chinese is also different in terms of the pronunciation. It’s a tonal language. That means that the meaning of a single word is entirely determined by its tone. 

Nowadays, there are numerous Chinese-English dictionaries available online. They can help you to get your pronunciations right. These online dictionaries will help you to correct your mistakes in the easiest way possible.

If you are thinking of studying Chinese, you should definitely consider doing so at an appropriate time in your life. You will need to also know the culture and traditions of China. You should also learn about Chinese philosophy and religion as well.

2. Pronunciation problems (Different tones, different meanings)

It is quite difficult to understand the process of punctuation in Mandarin Chinese. It is very easy for local Chinese people, but as a new learner you will be lost in this tonal language. 

Punctuation is the way in which you put commas, periods, question marks, colons, semicolons, exclamation points, dashes, parentheses and brackets at the end of a sentence. 

If you want to learn more about punctuation, you should look up your native language dictionary to see what punctuation sounds like. Punctuation is an integral part of the language. It can make sentences easier to understand.

It’s important to know how to use punctuation correctly and to pay attention to it. Otherwise, your text will seem disorganized and confusing. You should use the correct punctuation for your writing style. 

3. Various kinds of accent 

Mandarin Chinese accent is really creepy, you will be very much confused and it will not help you in learning. You have to mix with local Chinese people to learn it and gradually understand the accents. 

You can learn the Mandarin language by watching movies, listening to audio cassettes and talking to people who speak Mandarin. If you travel around the country, listen to the locals and observe how they talk. For example, if you learn to say “chicken,” you should be able to say “chicken” and not “che-ghee-an.

4. Chinese idiom

Similarly, Chinese idioms will make you very confused. It is not an easy language to cope with, so the idioms will take you in different directions. You can try out native tutors who will guide you to learn Chinese idioms. 

It is very difficult to master Chinese idioms. It requires extensive study. However, there are a lot of methods to solve this problem. One way to learn this language is to study its idioms. These will be used in daily communication. You can discuss a lot with your native Chinese friends and then you can get used to doing it. 

Teachers here will help you to understand the different forms of idioms. When you are in school, you will have a tutor who will help you to understand the basic rules for using the idioms. Another way you can learn idioms is by reading books written by other people who have learned the language.

Reading about the use of idioms in real-life situations can help you to understand how the idioms can be used. There are also certain idioms that have a specific meaning. You can learn these by visiting a dictionary. This will help you to get a clear understanding of these idioms and in that you will be able to use these ornamental idioms. 

5. Lack of opportunity of using Chinese

Out of China you cannot talk in Mandarin, so there is limited scope of talking.  You need to stay in mainland China and have regular conversations with local people that you can use for business development and jobs.  

Some people are interested in getting out of China and taking advantage of the opportunity to make lots of money and travel to other countries. They can also learn a lot while they are doing this. However, many people just don’t know what they are doing when they try to leave China.

They usually don’t know anything about international business and how to communicate with people in other countries. They are also unfamiliar with how the banking system works and they don’t know what they are doing when they are trying to open accounts.

However, most people who want to leave China know what they are doing, and they usually know that it is going to be expensive. They can avoid this situation by making some advance preparations.


Please find a lack of opportunity to use Chinese outside of China and that is why people lose interest in learning Mandarin Chinese. If you need any kind of online learning course then you can try AmazingTalker. There you will find an online English course to make your English perfect, and you can even learn Japanese from native tutors here. 

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