The Beginner’s Guide to Writing an Essay

Writing an essay is a time-consuming occasion. Therefore, students want to get homework done faster and read various tips on it. Still, it is difficult to apply them in real life. It is good if you’ve got a sample on your topic and write your first draft basing on it. You can discover many online services that provide educational support and assist students in essay writing. You can see feedback from students who’ve already ordered personal help and develop their own tactics in the essay writing process on this review page. However, if you are a beginner in essay writing procedures, learn our guidelines and benefit from their recommendations.

1. Prepare everything for your essay.

Get ready for essay writing by organizing your process correctly. Plan your time and stick to the schedule. Finding a comfortable and quiet place is no less critical. Make sure nothing can distract you so you can study productively.

2. Understand your essay topic.

If you design an idea on what to write, get ready for a prominent researching process. Your topic may sound unclear to you, so try to outline all possible questions before writing the first draft. Try not to miss a thing at this stage because it will simplify your next steps in creating an essay.

3. Find reliable sources.

As every essay is an academic type of writing, you need to have enough evidence in your text. Look for relevant information from online references. It can be articles, books, or even documents. Sources you use depend on the essay’s topic. For instance, if you need to write a movie review essay, you should watch videos from critiques and the movie itself to get your own opinion.

4. Structure all information.

When you have enough details to include in your essay, it is time to create an outline. Find what you can add in the introduction, body paragraphs, and summary. Remember that you mostly write evidence from external sources in your body paragraphs. So, start writing from it. Organize your thoughts logically and explain your viewpoint to read in step-by-step content.

5. Create a thesis.

A thesis statement is an idea you need to support throughout your essay. Authors write it in the essay’s introduction right after the hook. Bring as much meaning in this short sentence as you can so the reader can understand what you stand for. The entire essay is built around your thesis, so think well before coming up with it. Also, make sure whether you have enough material to prove it.

6. Write body paragraphs.

The body is the middle of your essay. It insists on two or three paragraphs where the author adds their arguments and proves them with quotes from trustworthy sources. Start each section with a topic discussion to represent your approach. Here you can show your writing style and represent convincing skills.

7. Set a final point.

The conclusion is the end of an essay. Here author defines whether they create enough ground to believe in the thesis statement they’ve provided in the first part. Avoid adding new information. Just finalize your idea for readers to trust you more.

8. Format your essay.

It is crucial to read formatting guidelines before writing your essay. Clarify it with your teacher and find out which formatting style you need to use. Commonly, students are assigned to write their essays in standard MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or APA formats. Still, you can always include in-text citations and organize reference lists with the help of the auto-formatting online tool Citation Machine.

9. Revise thoroughly.

Keeping your text grammatically correct is one of the most vital goals in the essay writing process. Check your essay’s content on punctuation, spelling, and grammar flaws and exclude them wisely. If you feel your delivery screws up, try to rephrase the sentence in a simple way.

10. Keep it original.

Afterall, it is important to say that essay’s uniqueness plays a central role in writing. When students write their texts from scratch, they train critical thinking, creativity, and analytical skills. Otherwise, when they borrow content, the best thing that can happen as a result is a bad mark, and the worse is poor professional growth.

Use these ten ultimate steps to create a powerful essay and stay confident in writing!

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