Surprise Bhai Dooj Gifts for Sisters

Bhai Dooj celebrates the love relationship of a brother and sister and marks the end of the five-day celebration of Diwali. Known by many names across the country – Bhau Beej (in Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka), Bhathru Dwithiya, Bhau-Deej, Bhai Phota (in Bengal), and Ningol Chakuba (in Manipur), among others. According to the ritual, the sisters prepare the holy Thali, apply “tilak” to their brother’s forehead, perform the aarti and pray for their well-being, and the brothers promise to protect their sister.

Every year you try to find something special for your sister in Bhai Dooj. So this year you want to buy something that will immediately make your sister feel that his dear brother loves her very much. With that as a basis, you’ve decided to scour every segment of the online store to find the perfect gift. Check out the list below for gift ideas that a brother can obviously have for her sister.

Puja Thali

With the beautiful designer Pooja Thalis, sisters can easily perform traditional Bhai Dooj rituals and customs. Purchase an amazing Bhai Dooj thali online from an online gift shop.

Chocolate, Cake, And Teddy Bear

This is the deadliest combination. We want to assure all the brothers and sisters that your sister will definitely love this amazing gift basket as it contains all their favorite items. When she gets all her favorite gifts in one package, this is the best gift for her at the festival of Bhai Dooj. All you have to do is choose her favorite chocolates, cookies, and cakes and online shops do the rest for her.

Loreal Beauty Cosmetic Set

Every year your sister asks you to bring something unusual and new for her. For example, last year you bought her a showpiece. But this year you should decide to go for something unique as a gift to make her happy. You should go for some branded beauty items for your loving and caring sister.

Photo Plaque

This would be a nice Bhai Dooj gift for a naughty little sister! Choose the photo that best shows her personality and create a photo poster for her. She can hang it on her bedroom door or in her room and claim ownership of the room!

Cake And Perfume

Nowhere does it say that cakes should only be cut on birthdays. In fact, cakes can be cut for any special occasion and the Bhai Dooj festival is no exception. That said, fragrances can make your mood many times happier. So giving perfume can be the right choice for your sister

Photo Mugs

Choose a picture of your sister, take a mug, and get a mug with your sister’s photo imprinted on it. Your sister can use it to drink her favorite beverage or use it as a pen holder or as a souvenir at her desk.

The brothers do their best to make Bhai Dooj special for their sisters by pampering them with gifts, care, and love! So why not show the brothers this same love of Bhai Dooj? So Let your brother feel special on Bhai Dooj by choosing the best gift.

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