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Easy-care, delicates, and boiled laundry – with qualified care programs for current household appliances, you will win the daily battle for the cleanliness and hygiene of your textiles with Mediamarkt.

What technologies do modern washing machines offer for your laundry?

A large number of different programs and free choice of temperature allow you to make individual settings while at the same time benefiting from tried-and-tested processes. Careful processing and coating of the washing drums prevent damage to shirts, trousers, etc. Load detection calculates the maximum amount of detergent and fabric softener.

A steam function not only makes ironing almost superfluous. This program also eliminates bacteria and allergens at high temperatures. Unpleasant odors in the device are a thing of the past. Thanks to the action of steam, the laundry becomes so soft that you can do without fabric softener in the future.

What new dryers are there that help to take better care of laundry?

There are several things hidden under the housing of washing machines and the like that are extra good for your textiles. In addition to anti-crease, honeycomb drum, and wool programs, current manufacturers equip their products with fiber-friendly steam functions, moisture sensors, and special programs for loosening and aerating the fibers. This means that one or the other washing and drying cycle can be dispensed with in between. An integrated self-cleaning guarantees a clean environment for a fragrant drying result. People suffering from allergies can rely on the thorough yet gentle removal of residues in the fibers.

What are the advantages of double washing machines?

Everyone knows the problem: A large amount of bed linen fills the drum, and the delicates only fill half the amount. They work economically here previously less common double washing machines. Two washing specialists in one device separate different fabrics into two corresponding wash cycles, thus saving valuable time. The drums are of different sizes and thus do justice to the volume of different textiles. The common variant consists of 8 kg and 4 kg capacity. This combination is ideal for large families and consumers who have to wash a lot of work clothes.

What accessories are there to take better care of laundry?

Not only your clothes need care. Your washing machine or dryer also needs something now and then Allowance in the form of accessories such as descalers or cleaners. These steps are completed in just a few moments and reward you with excellent washing results and a fragrant, hygienically perfect climate inside the devices. This benefits the contents of the washing drum with every cycle.

With a suitable intermediate frame, the washing machine piggybacks the dryer, which gives more space in small rooms. Small helpers such as lint razors for woolen fabrics as well as scented towels and dryer balls are used for the extended care of your laundry.

Discover modern fridge freezers from the top brands at MediaMarkt

Fridge freezers save space and energy. Practical additional functions keep the food fresh for longer. At MediaMarkt you will find both free-standing models and built-in appliances. The refrigerator and freezer create space in the kitchen for frozen food and combine the advantages of a classic refrigerator and a separate freezer in one appliance.

When comparing the offers at MediaMarkt, look out for models with separate temperature controls. During a long holiday trip, the freezer compartment continues to run while the refrigerator compartment is switched off or is running in power-saving mode – this saves energy.

The suitable capacity for fridge-freezers, specified as usable capacity in liters, depends on the size of the household. The rule of thumb for the cooling compartment is 50 liters per person. That’s enough if you mainly want to store ready meals there. However, if you want to freeze a lot of food over a longer period, around 130 liters per person make sense.

Fridge-freezer combinations with fresh storage zones and humidity control

Fruit, vegetables, dairy products, and meat remain aromatic and fresh for longer when stored properly. Therefore, a high-quality refrigerator and freezer offer special freshness zones, whereby models with chiller and crisper boxes are to be distinguished from those with a real cold storage compartment.

Fridge freezers with a real cold storage compartment have a third control loop that allows you to regulate the temperature and humidity in that compartment. Manufacturers use terms like “Biofresh”, “0-degree zone” or “Vitasafe”. There is usually a wet and a dry zone. Dairy products, meat, and sausages store particularly well in dry areas with around 50 percent humidity.

Fruit and vegetables stay fresh and aromatic up to three times longer in the humid zone with around 90 percent humidity.

Fridge-freezer combinations with chiller and crisper boxes do not integrate a third control circuit, the compartments are around two degrees colder thanks to a clever cooling mechanism – but separate temperature control is not possible.

The energy consumption of the fridge and freezer

Another important selection criterion is energy consumption. In principle, larger fridge-freezer combinations consume more electricity – energy efficiency is crucial. The EU energy label informs you about the energy efficiency class, top devices in class A+++ are the most economical. These consume around 60 percent less electricity than class A models. Since July 2012, commercially available devices must at least meet the requirements of energy class A+.

Manufacturers equip their high-quality fridge-freezer combinations with an automatic defrosting function to ensure optimum cooling over the long term. The no-frost technology reduces humidity and the formation of ice crystals, the cooling fins are located in a separate area and the cold air is distributed via a fan.

Efficiency in power consumption: How to cool properly

Browse through the range and increase convenience with practical accessories for your fridge and freezer. A bottle shelf allows you to store cold drinks perfectly without having to rearrange them all the time. For example, you can use magnets to attach shopping lists to the door. A thermometer helps monitor the temperature in the different areas. This is how you set the desired cooling temperature perfectly. Devices with fresh-keeping zones enable the optimal storage of different foods for a delicious aroma.

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