SAP Business One on Cloud vs. On Premise. Which one is Better

SAP Business One is an ERP software from SAP, who have come out with this ERP software for the small and medium enterprises who have traditionally struggled to compete against the bigger companies given their limitations on the financial resources and use of modern technologies. The smaller businesses have been using traditional software but in the age of new age technologies this needs to change, they need to get the latest technology like the SAP Business One which can help them improve on the efficiency of the processes.

SAP Business One is a cost effective solution which doesn’t put a financial burden on the company, You do not need a heavy investment to get started, however some of the question that come to mind is whether to go for SAP Business One on Cloud or SAP Business One on Premise. An implementation of SAP B1 would need licensing of the hardware, or the software, database, eternal implementation of the consultants who would be looking into the technicalities of the installation and provide training to the staff.

Benefits of SAP Business One on Premise

  • Infrastructure: If you have a server that is delivering the requirements then you do not have to shift towards a third party data centre and you could shift only when the infrastructure is up for the renewal
  • Many of the companies follow a strict protocol and compliance procedures on the data security front, therefore they do not sync the important business information to any of the third party system. These companies can opt for On Premise implementation of SAP Business One
  • SAP Business One is supportive of highly customized version of self, therefore a company is overtly looking for a highly customized option can go for a on premise option, also for businesses where the ERP needs to cater to very unique needs, this option works better.

Benefits of SAP Business One on Cloud

  • With SAP Business One on Cloud you can expect a quick return on investment, although the costs that are involved is less, but the benefits it generates is much more than the cost that goes into building it.
  • Many of the companies go for the SAP Business One Cloud go for it due to the monthly subscription model, it becomes much easier for the small companies who have lesser financial resources
  • You do not have to invest or purchase any new hardware or IT infrastructure therefore this is a lot of savings for the small and medium enterprises, they do not have invest in the recruitment and training of the staff for this model.
  • SAP Business One on Cloud is much easier for the updates as the centralized updating system updates all the processes and therefore the company need not worry on missing out on any new rules or the regulations that has included recently.

Whether you go for SAP Business One Cloud or SAP B1 on Premise is up to you, but SAP Business One Cloud stands out for its low cost and higher return on investment.

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