Rick Simpson Oil: Its History and Benefits

Rick Simpson oil is most commonly known as RSO. It is an oil made from the flowers of the cannabis flower. Usually, cannabis oil contains cannabidiol. However, Rick Simpson oil is a type of cannabis oil that contains high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main chemical of marijuana responsible for getting people high. People get curious about where to buy rick Simpson oil. To answer those questions, you can get rso oil for sale from online websites.

History of Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson was a Canadian engineer who worked at a hospital in Canada. He was once in an accident in which he hit his head. Because of this accident, he suffered from dizziness and ringing in his head. The conventional medicines failed to cure his symptoms. Once, he watched a documentary on the positive and health benefits of cannabis in the field of medicine. After getting to know the medicinal benefits of cannabis, he used them to treat his head injury symptoms and was successful in curing the symptoms.

After this, he developed skin cancer. As he had previously tested cannabis for medicinal purposes, he was optimistic that they would play a vital role in curing this disease he was facing. He used cannabis oil on the lumps that were forming on his skin. He would apply cannabis oil on the lumps and then place a bandage over them. After some time, the cannabis oil completely healed his skin cancer. Due to this experience, rick Simpson claims that you can use oil from cannabis to treat skin cancer.

Benefits of RSO

Although rick Simpson claimed from his experience that cannabis oil could cure cancer, research has not shown that it treats cancer completely. RSO oil may not completely cure cancer, but it can stop the tumor growth and cancer cell spreading. RSO oil also plays a significant role in the treatment of cancer patients. RSO oil can help decrease the nausea and vomiting symptoms of the chemotherapy patients. It can also be used to treat pain and improve the patients’ appetite. Other than cancer, RSO can treat infection, arthritis, inflammation, sclerosis, asthma, and such health problems.

Getting Rick Simpson Oil

You can either buy rick Simpson oil make one at home as well. You can do this by washing the cannabis buds with a solvent and then boiling off the solvent. This leaves behind the cannabis oil to be used.

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