Operation Common to All Modes


When a Control Word is written to a Counter, all Control Logic is immediately reset and OUT goes to a known initial state; no CLK pulses are required for this.

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The GATE input is always sampled on the rising edge of CLK. In Modes 0, 2, 3, and 4 the GATE input is level sensitive, and the logic level is sampled on the rising edge of CLK. In Modes 1, 2, 3, and 5 the GATE input is rising-edge sensitive. In these Modes, a rising edge of GATE (trigger) sets an edge-sensitive flip-flop in the Counter. This flip-flop is then sampled on the next rising edge of CLK; the flip-flop is reset immediately after it is sampled. In this way, a trigger will be detected no matter when it occurs-a high logic level does not have to be maintained until the next rising edge of CLK.

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Note that in Modes 2 and 3, the GATE input is both edge and level-sensitive. In Modes 2 and 3, if a CLK source other than the system clock is used, GATE should be pulsed immediately following WR of a new count value.

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New counts are loaded and Counters are decremented on the falling edge of CLK. The largest possible initial count is 0, this is equivalent to 2 16 for binary counting and 104 for BCD counting. The Counter does not stop when it reaches zero. In Modes 0, 1, 4, and 5 the Counter “wraps around” to the highest count, either FFFF hex for binary counting or 9999 for BCD counting, and continues counting. Modes 2 and 3 are periodic; the Counter reloads itself with the initial count and continues counting from there.

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