Nature is God and God is nature, Never Underestimate the power of Nature – Says Shri Nitin Pujari Salasar

Temple History and Introduction.

Samrudhara is located in the Churu district of Rajasthan. The Siddha temple of Mahabali Hanuman (Balaji Maharaj), a beloved devotee of Rama and the foremost among the wise (Salasar Balaji Dham), popularly known as Salasar Balaji, was established by Sant Mohandas Ji Maharaj in Vikram Samvat 1811 in Shravan.

It was on Shukla Navami.  Pleased with the devotion of Mohandasji, Hanumanji appeared in the form of an idol in Asota and fulfilled the wishes of his devotee.

After that, the idol was consecrated in Salasar.  Since Samvat 1811 (1754 AD) in the temple premises, where Mohandas ji’s smoke was, the Akhand Jyoti has been burning. Read More About: filmywep

 Mohandas ji’s samadhi is in the temple premises itself.

Mohandas Ji took a living samadhi on Vaishakh Shukla Trayodashi by handing over the responsibility of the temple to sister Kanhibai’s son and his disciple Udayaram.  There is also the bullock cart from which the idol of Hanumanji was brought from Asota.  Situated in the tehsil of Shekhawati in Sujangarh, this temple is the center of faith of Hanuman devotees.  Devotees come here from far and wide with their wishes.  Here coconuts are tied for the fulfillment of wishes.

Nitin pujari announced opening the Salasar Balaji-

The world-famous Salasar Balaji temple has been open for devotees since July 1. Giving the above information to our representative, the chief priest of Salasar Balaji temple told us that the temple was closed for the devotees for the last few months due to the corona epidemic in Rajasthan.  According to the orders of the government and the Corona guidelines, the temple has been opened for the general public. The time of darshan in the temple will be from 5:00 am to 4:00 pm. The temple will remain closed every Sunday.  COVID vaccine dose certificate or RT PCR report of 72 hours before will be necessary for the visitor, Prasad, flower garland, etc., are closed, and devotees are being seen by following social distancing in the temple, Nitin Pujari told that Salasar Dham would have been a very ancient temple. Read More About: f95zone

It is the center of faith of millions of Hanuman devotees across the country.

Nitin pujari’s speech about the pandemic-

Nitin Pujari Ji says, “Locking yourself in homes due to the pandemic, the biggest challenge in life is to keep yourself positive and motivated.  After a long solitude, the energy of daily activities is no longer visible as before.  Now you don’t feel like getting up early in the morning or going to the gym, park or go swimming.  So, we need to stay motivated and positive.” To stay motivated during tough times, below are some tips shared by Nitin Pujari.

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  • According to Nitin Pujari, there are two types of motivation in life, external and internal. External motivation means earning money, and internal motivation means to improve personality, to help others, to attain peace of mind, and gain knowledge or enjoy the sporting activity.  In difficult times we should focus on intrinsic motivation to stay positive.
  • The pandemic has allowed us to know what matters in life, says Nitin Pujari. He further adds that ask yourself what is more important to you and find happiness in small things instead of materialism.  He says that you need to face what is happening in your life instead of running away from it.

Nitin Pujari Indian spiritual leader also shares the connection of positivity with the mind.  They believe that when humans do good deeds, the circuits of the brain that play an essential role in one’s well-being, that is, taking care of others, are a gift to the self.  To achieve this, he suggests making small goals and focusing on achieving them.

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Nitin Pujari further adds, “In times of crisis, people tend to consider light tasks as meaningless. It ends happily and makes life full of despair. Hence the need to set goals in daily life is essential. Achieving these goals, Achieving will bring happiness and energy. Then you will start moving from one goal to another, which will help you be happy even in tough times.

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