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If visiting the dentist is not really interesting to you or you study or practice dentistry, then a Mobile Dental Application (App) can help you to see the human dental anatomy in a new light.

Below we feature some of the most popular mobile dental apps:

Quick Dental Guide

The Quick Dental Guide Mobile Dental App is aimed at dental nurses, hygienists, trainees and others as a quick reference tool so you can do your job better. Dental Students and interns can follow topics such as Dental Anatomy, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics and more.

The App Developer has also an in-built blog and recent news feature alongside areas of Periodontics, Common Dental Diseases and Restorative Dentistry as well.

This App is very popular for its easy to use interface and reference details. Using this App, dental associates can improve their knowledge and skills, making them experts with authority.


The BoneBox Mobile Dental App is a 3D medical education tool that also helps with patient communication as well. Users of this App can encounter incredibly detailed anatomical models developed exclusively by a team of anatomists, certified medical illustrators, animators, and programmers, using actual human CT imaging and 3D modelling data.

This App is used widely by medical professionals, undergraduates and secondary students who prefer its realistic, detailed and accurate dental anatomy structures. This App enhances the learning experience with fun quizzes that help test and check your knowledge.

Dental Drugs & Anaesthesia

The Dental Drugs & Anaesthesia Mobile Dental App was created for medical professionals as a quick reference when prescribing medications. This App makes life easier as it also helps in calculating dosages and highlighting important points to note for common and accepted treatment protocols.

App users can access 100 of the most commonly prescribed drugs with detailed information, instructions, dosage and usage guidelines. Anaesthesia is a difficult practice and this App also includes an aesthetic calculator that works offline and the ability to quickly search its medication index.

Ideal for dentists and dental students using this App users can also easily email their patients and details on medications or any relevant instructions as well.

Children’s Doctor

The Children’s Doctor Mobile Dental App is an entertaining game where your child takes on the role of a dentist at an animal hospital. The App user is tasked with treating and cleaning the animal patients using the tools provided.  

App users can learn about various medical instruments and their uses in a practical manner and kids can also learn about removing plaque, aligning teeth and all about filling cavities as well.

Along the way, App Development Companies help users to develop and improve their motor skills and hand to eye coordination as well. This is in addition to improving the App user’s observational and perception based skills.

One clear benefit of using this App is that little kids can learn all about dentistry and this will make them feel more calm when they next visit the dentist.

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If you are a doctor, patient or simply interested in how the human dental anatomy functions, then a Mobile Dental App is sure to help. Using a Mobile Dental App users can obtain a detailed understanding of the real story behind your smile and any dental Job Vacancies as well.

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