Metarun: Best upcoming NFT game in 2022

When you’re seeking a game through which you can earn, you can always count on Metarun. While the character runs across regions and the track, you can earn many rewards on your way. But, with unique areas across the entire map, the player has to be swift with his movements.

He should also traverse a few obstacles quickly as it can affect the overall speed of the character. So, in this article, we will cover why Metarun is one of the best nft metaverse games.

Enables you to play in different modes

As you plan to play Metaverse, you can play either in the Endless Run (PvE) or Battle Run (PvP) mode. You can also cover a long distance passing every obstacle and enemy whenever you play in the PvE mode. If you complete any mission or kill the monsters, you can gather in-game currency, OPAL, and GOLD.

But, in the PvP mode, you can move ahead relentlessly with other players. The best part of the mode is that you can earn glory points and increase your character rank.

Helps you to support the character’s abilities

While you continue playing the game, you will come across many boosters. These will temporarily boost the character to a certain extent. But, as the booster hails from the mystery box, it can serve a different purpose.

If you choose the ‘Magnet’ booster, it can help you collect gold along the track. On the other hand, the ‘Enemy Stunt’ booster can help you to launch a stunning projectile and face the enemy with brutal force.

Offers options to choose a character

Whenever you commence the mobile runner game, you can choose from characters under certain classes. If you select a character present in the ‘Fighter Class’, the stone skin can block 10% of incoming damage. Moreover, the ability ‘Strong blood’ can rejuvenate the character’s passive health.

But, when you select a character under the sprinter class, the character gains a temporary move speed bonus. The player will also be capable of avoiding non-lethal damage along the track. On the whole, you will never regret playing Metarun, one of the metaverse games that pay real money.

You can upgrade the character level anytime

Once you obtain a character from the chest, the current skin rarity will help enhance the character’s maximum level. As per a principle, the character level increases with a formula.

You only have to add the number of GOLD, the Metarun Tokens, and OPAL you earn during the game. But, as the character level increases to a certain extent, health, mana, and overall speed increases linearly.

Offers many ways to make the character strong

While you work towards completing every level or mission, you can own the assets all by yourself. A bit later, you can sell the assets on the marketplace of Metarun. To add another passive ability, you can acquire pets for different characters.

Besides, you can gather artifacts that are better for granting additional power. Furthermore, you can boost your active abilities when you collect mana bottles while running on the track.


There are numerous reasons why Metarun is known as one of the best upcoming NFT games in 2022. While you can enjoy the game under the PvP or PvE mode, you can support the character’s abilities through boosters. You can also choose a particular character from three different classes.

Apart from everything else, you can upgrade the character level and think about strengthening the character in various ways. But, to attain more rewards and in-game currency, you must run as much as possible. On the contrary, you can boost a certain character’s active and passive abilities.

Once you encounter a static or moving obstacle, these abilities can help you fight with the opponent in a much better way. Interestingly, you can earn beyond your expectations when you complete a set of missions or levels.

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