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Mangadex is one of the most popular sites for its users, but the journey was not smooth. Once a time, mangadex had to stop their works for few days. From January 2, they quit their jobs for few days. But it was the maintained purpose. They had to upgrade their work for the betterment of their customers. They had shut down their official Twitter account at that time, which was also last for 72 days. It was much disappointment for the manga readers no to read manga on those particular days. But the website manga came back stronger and announced that they would start a new hosting service—the admin of the official Twitter account then told about the new hosting site after the maintenance.

Overview of ethical scanlation site manga:

Manga is a non-profit site that is run through a donation system. As magnadex is the source of scanlations, several Magna readers and groups or individual scanlators patronize Magnadex. It’s a poorly growing problem that many sites collect other scanlators but act as a host without giving them any credit. These sites are also available to put ads on their content so that when reader tends to read the content, the owner of the website then earns. But mangadex has its scanlators to upload their works.

Scanlators Conundrum:

Magnadex is a trendy site at the moment, but its path was not easy at all. By 2019 the scanlators had internal problems, and they took down their scans. Magnadex had to pass through a challenging time then, and at last, they recognized the problem. The authority of the magnadex identifies that the main reason was the greed of some scanlators who pulled up from the hosting site at that time. Magnadex could force the scanlators to stay on their site and maintain their site, but they didn’t do that.

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