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Finding the right store to buy wigs for yourself or someone else is getting difficult these days. As many different stores in the market sell different types of wigs such as synthetic wigs and wigs made from real human hair. Many stores claim to sell wigs that are made from 100% real human hair. But there is no guarantee of the claim being valid. But luvmehair is the store that actually sells premium quality wigs that are made using 100% real human hair and top quality of lace. In this article, we will tell you about three types of wigs that you can buy from the luvmehair store and why you should buy these wigs. 

Deep wave 

Deep wave is a very versatile type of wig that is recently getting huge buzz. Due to its versatile nature, it’s in demand as the buyer prefer deep wave over other types of wigs. The deep wave comes in healthy-looking hair bundles that give the wearer a very natural looking hairstyle. 

For those who have never heard anything about deep wave or don’t have a deeper understanding of deep wave don’t worry as in this article, we will tell you all the things about the deep wave that you should know.

The one thing you should know about the deep wave is that it is very blendable because it is made from Virgin human hair so it blends very well with the natural hair of the wearer. As for its texture, it is the same as a natural wave, body wave, or loose wave the only difference is that the curl is tighter. 

What type of people should buy deep wave?

If you are someone who wants to add more volume to your hair then a deep wave is a good option. As the deep wave is thick it boosts the hair of the wearer and makes it look luxurious. Deep wave comes in a texture that is between straight and curly hair. With a deep wave, the wearer gets a boost of confidence because it looks very good thanks to the additional volume it has. That means with a deep wave it looks like you have more hair than you actually do.

How to take care of deep wave?

All the wigs that are made from real human hair need the care and attention of the wearer if you want them to last long. The same goes for the deep wave you pay a certain amount of care and time to its maintenance if you want your deep wave to last long.  If you don’t know how to take care of a deep wave then don’t worry because we will tell you some ways by which you can take care of your deep wave 

  1. If you want to maintain the natural gloss of your deep wave then avoid using cotton pillowcases and bedsheets. You should wear a silk scarf over your head while sleeping or replace the cotton pillowcase with a silk pillowcase. If you want to go one step further then you can wear silk wrap while working out.
  2. You have to be careful while brushing your deep wave. If you are not careful enough you can easily loosen the curls. For brushing the deep wave it is recommended to use a wide tooth hairbrush instead of a regular hairbrush or a paddle brush.
  3. While washing you have to pay special attention. You should first brush the hair with a wide-tooth hairbrush to make sure all the strands are flowing freely. Use warm water to wash deep waves and remember to run your fingers through the deep wave to get rid of shampoo and tangles. 

613 wigs 

613 wigs got their name from the blond color they have. These wigs are generally blond or light blond. These wigs are premium quality human hair wigs that are bleached and dyed to perfection. If later you feel like changing the blond color you can do it easily as these wigs are light in color so can be dyed in any color you want. With 613 wigs you don’t have to spend your time and money getting your hair bleached or dyed you can easily get blond hair with 613 wigs.

U part wig

U part wig has u shaped opening in its front which gives the wearer easy access to their natural hair. It offers versatility to the wearer to section their hair in any way they want. If you want to add length to your hair and easily get rid of the length at the end of the day then u part wig is a good option. This wig is also less pricey than other types of wigs because it is a non-lace wig. It is also very easy to install as you just need to clip it in and you are good to go. With u part wig you can easily take care of your hair as this wig does not put as much pressure on the hairline as other types of wigs do. It is especially good for people who have weak hairlines and can not wear wigs that put more pressure like the sew-in braids and weave. Since this wig is not very tight on the head it is a good choice for people who wants something comfortable to carry.


Deep wave is for those people who want to add extra volume to their real hair. U part wig is a good choice for people who wants to combine a wig with their natural hair and gets a natural looking hairstyle.  613 wigs are made for people who want to go blond but don’t want to dye their own hair. One thing that is given is that when it comes to buying the wig the final decision will always be yours. We are just here to guide you to make that final choice.

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