Lodenfrey offers stylish and classic accessories for every season

All year long, LODENFREY’s accessories become chic companions. Find leather accessories by Tory Burch, Etro, and Anya Hindmarch, among others, that are made from the finest leather. Another accessory that women can never have enough of is jewelry. You can choose from a lovely assortment of gold and silver jewelry from LODENFREY. Sparkling touches are paired with colorful bracelets, pearl earrings, and necklaces. Earlier timepieces, like the Sea Dweller model

Of course, great designer sunglasses are a need in the summer

We have a wide variety of unique models from It labels at LODENFREY. Their sunglasses, whether cat-eye, round, or large, not only shield your eyes but also uphold your sense of style. You may, of course, dress in traditional attire.

At LODENFFREY, opulent vintage accessories

Don’t pass up their antique accessories from leading fashion houses. You can find one-of-a-kind, time-tested second-hand designer accessories at LODENFREY. Accessories for women are enjoyable and may be utilized in a variety of ways, whether as a finishing touch for the ideal look or as a compliment to a fashionable outfit. Take inspiration from the extensive range at LODENFREY in Munich’s cathedral and online.

Dirndl blouses complete the vintage appearance.

The classic dirndl goes with the accompanying traditional blouse

It is typically made of white cotton, although lace, flounces, a collar, puff sleeves, and colors like cream or black are also fashionable and complete the Dirndl ensemble. Our advice: When selecting a dirndl blouse, make sure that the fabric, design, and color precisely match the appearance of your dirndl. Without taking center stage, the traditional blouse completes the dirndl. You can purchase lovely traditional blouses from LODENFREY, Kinga Mathe, Gottseidank, Sportalm, or Edelweiß to wear with the best.

Women’s jackets and premium conventional jackets are available at LODENFREY

The traditional jacket should not be absent for a special appearance in traditional attire! Traditional women’s cardigans and jackets are the ideal compliments to the traditional style because they are cozy and have a flattering fit. Traditional jackets, however, can be worn in a fashionable way outside of the dirndl, such as a casual, sophisticated substitute for a blazer or as a stylish traditional cardigan worn with a breezy summer dress.

Find the most stunning classic jackets, blazers, cardigans, and coats from designer labels like Habsburg, Susanne Spatt, and Meindl in a variety of patterns and fits. Traditional components are merged with new twists in traditional jackets, whether in a classic, elegant design, with a stand-up collar or as a traditional coat. Traditional blazers and jackets have a distinct elegance that never goes out of style. They are stylish, fitted, and have lovely embroidery accents.

Women’s traditional clothing: conventional footwear and accessories

Choose the appropriate costume shoes and accessories to round off your look. There are a variety of designs available here as well, depending on the fashion, occasion, and taste: With dirndl or lederhosen, you can wear boots, ballerinas, classic loafers, or pumps. Find everything your traditional costume heart desires in the gorgeous traditional shoes offered by well-known designer brands like Fabio Rusconi, Ludwig Reiter, Meindl, and Monaco Duck.

You can keep adding unique traditional costume accessories to your existing traditional outfit. Traditional accessories like dirndl bows in opulent designs from Tostmann and Mothwurf, as well as classic handkerchiefs and scarves made of merino or satin from LODENFREY, Mothwurf, or Habsburg, go well with everything.

You can add accents and modify your traditional costume look into something distinctive with the right item. Popular traditional accessories made of natural materials include fashionable hats, headbands, and little bags.

Shop for your new costume appearance by perusing Lodenfrey’s collection of elegant and classic costume clothes for women.

You’ll enjoy this woman’s clothing

Women’s fashion of the highest caliber is what LODENFREY provides. Fashionable blouses, jackets, and blazers are only a few of the things available in the market. Contrarily, LODENFREY also provides a wide range of excellent accessories of all kinds here in the web store, such as fantastic jewelry, amusing belt buckles, or thoughtful, stylish handbags. Additionally, you may select the ideal footwear for your ensemble, including sneakers, lace-up shoes, and exquisite high heels or ballerinas.

You can browse here at your convenience if you haven’t already chosen which items from the selection of designer clothing are best for you. Not only that, but with the helpful search options, you may locate the ideal women’s clothing in a matter of clicks, depending on your preferences. You can look for items by size or color, for instance. However, you may also establish a search criterion that includes the designers who created and produced your new designer clothing.

The fact that this buying chance is risk-free and convenient is its best feature. As a result, you will soon be able to wear your new LODENFREY attire outside.

Special women’s shoe styles

Customers can select the models of women’s high-end designer shoes at LODENFREY that best match their clothes and lifestyles. Fashion-conscious shoe enthusiasts will discover the ideal women’s shoes for every occasion here, whether it be for professional attire or a winter walk. All of the models share excellent craftsmanship, which blends well with the high-end clothing from the LODENFREY line.

Women’s flat footwear at LODENFREY Sneaker

They are no longer just athletic shoes worn by fitness-conscious women when they participate in sports. Today’s fashionistas’ go-to shoes, are the it-item of all and make an impression in bold hues or kept understated. Although you can work out in sneakers as well, there are times when they’re just too good to be reserved for the gym or the sports field—especially with the latest sneaker trends that the fashion industry is preparing for you. Classics that are plain and straightforward combine especially well with modern outfits like culottes and a plain top. The greatest outfit for eye-catching high-top models is one that includes elegant one and torn pants.

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